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Patient Testimonials

just completed my second visit with Dr. Edward Kasper. He is a very gentle doctor who performs his work with care. On my first visit, I was greeted warmly by the support staff and led to a treatment room where Dr Kasper’s assistant prepared for my examination. I was then introduced to Dr. Kasper, who took x-rays and explained what he found – showing images of my tooth, gums and bone structure. He explained what I was looking at. He recommended a course of action that was minimally invasive and upon obtaining my agreement proceeded with the work. I was impressed by Dr, Kasper’s friendly and calming demeanor - speaking softly and explaining what he was doing. This same experience carried over to the second session. It was completed with minimal discomfort and I left thinking that this was an unpredictably pleasant experience. I give Dr. Kasper (and his support staff) a 10 out of 10 point rating

Jim Walsh

Dr. Logan T Bell, DDS is truly knowledgeable, skillful, and extremely professional. I am particularly impressed by the fact that initially, he took the time to carefully evaluate my specific case and did not just assume I needed a root canal. He exudes confidence and trust, which calmed my anxieties   He kept me informed during and at the end of the procedure on what he found and did. The state-of-the-art equipment and helpful staff put me at ease. I am appreciative to Dr. Bell that the procedure finished in one visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Bell and his staff to anyone, and  am thankful to my dentist, John R Brackett DDS, for the referral.

Dee V.

Having a root canal is not one of my favorite things to do. But when you need one, you need one. Dr. Bell took his time to explain to me the procedure before it began. Everyone from the minute I walked thru the office door till I left was so kind and helpful. Thank you for making my root canal A-OK.

Sally M.

I brought my 9 year old son in to the office to have a root canal done by Dr. Logan Bell today. Honestly, I would have to say he was one of the most kind, thorough, knowledgeable doctors I have ever met. He helped ease all of the worries that I had about the process. I am so fortunate that I was referred to see Dr. Bell. He truly is the best. The staff in general at Modern Endodontics is amazing. Everyone was so kind and patient and helpful. THANK YOU ALL FOR making this experience as good as it was. Dr. Bell, you are the best! THANK YOU!

A Solomon

I was referred to Modern Endodontics for a root canal by a family member.  This was my first root canal, so I was not sure what to expect.  It was a great experience all around at Modern Endodontics.  Dr. Kasper was thorough and extremely informative.  After having the initial consultation with him, I knew I was in good hands.  All of the support staff at the desk and the assistants during my procedures were friendly and helpful.  I would highly recommend this place.  Hopefully, I do not have to get another root canal anytime soon, but if I do, I know where I am going :)

L. Hoyt

I like Dr.Kasper. He's a good guy and the staff at his office treats me really good. I came there because of the issues with my left front tooth. I don't want to get into details but it took a full hour to get the job done

Eric Desiongco

Dentists are never a wonderful thing to have to see. However, having to see one, Modern Endodontics was almost a pleasure. The staff was wonderful and the treatment was virtually painless.

Mark Turner

I have to say that I did not enjoy having to have a root canal procedure...who would.  What I will say is it really was pain free.  The numbing shots were more a discomfort than painful, once the shot took effect there was no pain during the session.  I would go to Dr. Kasper again and I would recommend him to anyone.  Both he and his staff did everything to make me comfortable in a setting that most people dread the thought of, and for that I thank you.

Bob Gurke

The warmth and efficiency of the front office staff was my first clue to the excellence of this dental practice. Dr. Bell is extremely competent and the care he takes to explain everything to the patient before he does it is so reassuring. His assistant was a real pro. I recommend this group without reservation.

Meg P.

Dr. Bell and his entire team from front office to the assistants are all very nice and professional. Our 7 year old son needed a root canal and we were so nervous since he has never been numb before. Dr. Bell did a fantastic job with him, he was very calm and actually had a great time getting a root canal. We were so relieved. The procedure went so smooth and without any discomfort. We are so happy with Modern Endodontics and would recommend it to everyone.

Sara Vafa

I was very pleased with Dr. kasper and the whole staff in the office. I was always comfortable and felt no pain. I felt I was in good hands the whole time.I liked the location especially next to the park.

karen mars

Dr Ed got me in on an emergency basis as a new patient. His staff was great and very helpful. Dr Ed explained his diagnosis antd treatment plan and answered all my questions. He was very thorough and the result of his work was great. I would highly recommend him

Dan Campbell

I was very pleased with the employees at the office.  Everyone was not only polite, but also very friendly. Dr. Kasper's assistant stayed with me until he was able to come, making interesting conversation.

Dr Kasper explained everything he was going to do as he continued with the procedure.  He put a brace in my mouth so I wouldn't have to hold my jaw open. He put in some sort of rubber washer to catch debris.  It was a long and complicated procedure as there was a problem with decay under the crown.  During the entire time the doctor spoke to me.  I was not left on my own after the procedure.  The next day I was contacted by his office.  I was given suggestions for medication and bridge work cleaning that were invaluable.  I appreciated all the attention I received.  
A good experience for a dental problem.
S. Kman

Does anyone ever WANT a root canal? No. But if you need a root canal, there's truly no better place. I've had 2 completed by Dr. Bell and honestly, I will come back to him for any future endodontic work. The staff is super thorough, especially when helping book appointments and working through the cancellation list. They are true wizards with a calendar. The assisting staff is always pleasant, accommodating, and they really move like a well-oiled machine alongside Dr. Bell. I can't thank Dr. Bell enough for his absolutely outstanding work, the ease he brings to the chair is something that's calming especially for someone with chronic dental anxiety. He is encouraging, thorough, precise, and just brilliant. He's also a kind, hospitable, and all-around lovely family man. It's nice to connect and exchange stories about the kids. I feel like family here and it's such a pleasure. Thank you to the whole team!


I had my very first root canal today, 8/7/21,and it was a great experience!!!! I actually almost fell asleep. My anxiety and nervousness beforehand was wasted energy!!!! Dr. Bell was extraordinary in explaining each step along the way. His assistant was extremely professional as well. I’m having another one done in a couple of months and I’m not concerned at all. I will be thanking my dentist for this referral. Thank you so much Dr. Bell for easing my fear and being an utmost professional. Your office staff is awesome as well!!!


My root canal was performed by Dr. Kasper who I found very professional. told me everything he was going to do, asked if I had any questions, and as he performed the deed he made sure I was doing okay. I found the procedure easy (but long and was advised of such) and would refer anyone I know and care about to Modern Endodontics. Also there was a follow up call to see if I was doing okay. Thumbs up!

Betty Chaggaris

I had a root canal done, Dr. Kasper was very competent and professional. He explained all steps and did a very good job. I definitely recommend him.

Steve R

I have had a root canal at another clinic years ago and remember an awful experience. Modern Endodontics was by far, SOOO much better. Dr. Kasper explained everything prior to and during the procedure, but to be honest, I trusted what he was doing and felt little anxiety, or pain. In fact, a couple hours after the procedure, I took one Advil to stay ahead of the pain after I felt the anesthetic wearing off, and I had absolutely no pain whatsoever! Dr. Kasper and the rest of the staff were super friendly. I would highly recommend their office and Dr. Kasper's services. Not that I want another root canal, but if I had to, I would not hesitate to contact Modern Endodontics again.

Jennifer G.

I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous when I learnt that I needed a root canal in one of my molars, years ago I had a bad experience with such procedure elsewhere. The reason why, I chose Modern Endodontics is because I've heard the reputation that they are the best specialists in the area. The appointment was made easy but the courteous receptionist, I was very happy to get an appointment to do my procedure within days. Dr. Kasper's assistant took me to get my X rays and my 3D Scan of the area, I was very impressed with the technology and offered there, after getting the images to Dr. Kasper screen Dr. Kasper himself explained me the whole process making sure all the areas post, during and prior to the surgery were covered. Dr Kasper went on numbing the area and giving the necessary time to the medicine to act making sure i was 100% pain free. During the surgery him and his assistant went way and beyond making sure I was comfortable, he kept me updated during each stage of the procedure. Before I realized the surgery was over and I left having absolutely no complications afterwards. Now I know why Dr.Kasper and the Modern Endodontics team have a pristine reputation. They are absolutely brilliant and I can't recommend them enough. Thank you Dr. Kasper and Endodontics Team. I really appreciate having a capable team like you in the area. I am extremely satisfied.


This was my first time getting a procedure by an endodontist. I had a great experience. Dr. Bell was awesome. He was very friendly and made sure I had no pain during my procedure. He showed me what he had done on the screen and explained it very well. The office was very clean. I would definitely refer modern endodontics to people.

Melinda Fagan

From someone who grips the dentist chair so hard that I get white knuckled, I left their office with color in my hands. I didn't have an easy procedure (at least for me it wasn't easy) and I was terrified. But the entire staff and Dr Bell made me feel so confident that things would be go smoothly. When I left my first appointment I called me regular dentist to thank him for the referral. Dr Bell told me things that were going to happen and how long it would probably take. They will be my go to for any other work of that kind! Thank you Modern Endodontics for your kindness and professionalism!

Laura Marquardt

I had my first root canal procedure done this morning by Dr. Bell and his team. I must say it was a fantastic experience. The entire staff was fantastic and Dr. Bell did a phenomenal job. I did not feel any discomfort and he kept me posted on exactly what to expect through the entire process. I would highly recommend Dr. Bell and his staff to anyone. Thanks for taking such good care of me.

John Kuhlman

Painless is the best way to describe my experience. The staff is very competent and welcoming. Dr. Bell explained everything prior to and during my first ever root canal. (Nothing personal but I hope it's my last) :) The procedure was absolutely painless and I would highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone that needed his services. Thank You Dr. and your entire staff.

Ron M.

Dr. Bell did a root canal on me May 24, 2021. He was extremely explanatory, caring, and comforting during the entire process. I experienced no pain during or after the process. Dr. Bell is just exceptional; what more could I say.

John H Urubek, MAI

I was very concerned having to get a root canal to say the least, but my experience with Modern Endodontics was terrific. Dr Kasper explained my options and everything thoroughly. The technology to see what I needed was great, and the entire process was very smooth. He is really good! I felt great the next day, no pain and the issue I had been dealing with went away. The staff, scheduling, payment options and working with my insurance could not have been better.

Alberto Michel

"...I'd rather have a root canal." This statement is often the butt end of a joke related to an uncomfortable task. Truth is I WOULD RATHER HAVE A ROOT CANAL so long as it is performed by this group. I had the pleasure of receiving my care from Dr. Bell who was engaging, informative and had a sense of humor. At no time did I feel any discomfort and actually fell asleep for a few minutes during the procedure. Additionally, the staff were pleasant and engaging as well...a sign they probably enjoy working there. That in itself speaks volumes. If I ever need another root canal , there is no other place I would go. My experience with this group and Dr. Bell has been the best dental experience I have ever had!

Jim Gilbert

This office is professional! The folks I met were outstanding. Went out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Dr Kasper explained what he was going to do and what he could not do if he ran into problems like a broken tooth. At the end of the procedure he answered questions and explained what he had done along with sharing the exrays. They were so good it almost makes you want to go back and have another root canal but not quite!!!!!

Alex McClement

Not having had a root canal procedure in over 20 years, I was not looking forward to having another. However, many things have changed as Dr. Bell demonstrated. I was quite amazed at the improvements of all aspects of the operation. A soothing staff to assuage jumpy nerves, 3D Xrays, consultation, anesthesia, more of a tooth saving drilling approach and much less time in the chair. I'm not saying it was a picnic but if you need this work done, you should definitely consider Dr. Bell and his team. 5 stars!

Ed Geberbauer

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Bell yesterday. I needed a root canal and he thoroughly explained everything beforehand. During the procedure, I was comfortable and he continued to tell me what was happening. His entire staff was warm, friendly and efficient. I would definitely return if I needed to.

Lori V

Dr. Kasper, and his staff, were excellent. I felt as comfortable as one can possibly feel when getting a root canal. Dr. Kasper inspired confidence, competence, and compassion. I did not have pain during the procedure or after the procedure. Yes, uncomfortable during the procedure-to be expected. Two Tylenols-6 hours apart, and the next day it was as if I never had a root canal. Thanks to Dr. Kasper and his friendly staff.

Connie Borchert

Dr. Bell did an excellent job explaining the procedure and made sure I was comfortable prior to beginning. During the procedure he updated me on what was going on. Great Job Dr. Bell!! Thank you for taking excellent care of me.

Neil J.

Dr. Kasper and the entire staff were wonderful. Given that "a trip to the dentist" is not the best way to spend an afternoon, I am pleased to elaborate on my experience at Modern Endodontics. From the moment I walked in for my first appointment, the staff displayed a warming and welcoming attitude. I felt that I was in the right place at that very moment. I could only say that my experience at the Endodontist was nothing but reliving, easeful and pleasant. There is nothing to be worried about when stepping foot into "Modern Endodontics". In fact, I had almost taken a snooze mid-operation. A procedure at Modern Endodontics is the least bit stressful and I would recommend Dr. Kasper and the entire staff to anyone in need of a stress and pain free Endodontic Treatment.

Adel Sarmiti

Although I hope to never return, I could not have asked for a better experience and result. The staff is simply great, from reception to the assistants - such very nice people. Dr Kasper is skillful, compassionate, and kind. If you must see an endo, this is the place to go. Highly recommend.

Anne H

I am pleased to relate a completely positive experience with Dr. Bell and his staff. I was referred to Modern Endodontics by my family dentist for an emergency root canal and was immediately accommodated. The procedure was exceptional and Dr. Bell and his staff were highly competent and friendly. Dr. Bell answered all of my questions and was at all times concerned about my comfort through the process. I highly recommend Modern Endodontics for all your advanced dental needs.

David Shavalia

I had a completely painless root canal done by Dr Bell. The entire office staff as well as all of the assistants were friendly, empathetic, and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. Highly recommend this practice!

Paula M

Being allergic to dentists :) Dr. Bell performed a minor miracle with his professionalism and kindness.The assistants I encoutered are top north office staff. Thank you all

Peter D

Dr.Bell and staff did a great job, pleasantly surprised.


I just finished with my first root canal with Dr. Bell; he couldn't have been more helpful, kind and professional. I was in awe of the efficiency of the process and watched in wonderment how things are handled. The office staff and dental assistants are also top notch!

Sara Mikuta

I am a dental hygienist and I work for one of the referring dentists that work with Dr.’s Bell and Kasper. Over the years, I’ve heard nothing but great things about them from patients. When the time came for me to need a root canal, I was eager to see what all of my patients were talking about. My expectations were not only met but were exceeded. The customer service was outstanding from the moment I called. I was in pain when I called and they fit me in that same day. Dr. Bell was so personable and took his time explaining what was going on with my tooth. He used cutting edge technology and he took every measure to make sure I was comfortable. I am a patient with bad dental anxiety and at one point during the root canal, I was so relaxed and comfortable that I could feel myself falling asleep! Having that personal experience with them has given me the ability to reassure my patients of the great care they will experience when they need a root canal at Modern Endo!

Allison A.

I am 79y/o woman who has had several root canal procedures with Dr. Kasper throughout the years. He is my hero! Not only does he do skillful, conscientious work, he is empathic and very kind to his patients. My teeth have been very challenging to work on and he has performed with knowledge and superior skill. In addition, his office staff reflect his caring attitude and have been very helpful to me.


I highly recommend Dr.Bell. I was nervous and he quickly put me at ease. The procedure was totally pain free and Dr. Bell explained everything. Kudos also to a very friendly staff!

Linda Kennebrew

I hate going to the dentist,and I'm a 6"5' 320 pound quivering coward about opening my mouth,and having someone do work in there. I couldn't be happier though with the work done there, every step was explained,it was not painful at all,and Dr. Bell,and his assistant,front desk,and everyone was great. I would highly recommend them. Thanks again to everyone over there.

Mark Ramoska

From initial consultation to the actual procedure, Dr. Bell and his assistants were excellent. They made sure I was comfortable, pain free and even relaxed, during the procedure. I really appreciated how Dr. Bell explained every step and also listened to all my concerns. He did a fantastic job with my tooth and best of all, he is very kind and has a great sense of humor. All of these combined, with the help of his wonderful staff, made my root canal procedure a pleasant experience. Thank you Dr. Bell!

May C.

Nobody wants to hear that they need a root canal, especially during a pandemic. Dr. Bell and his staff were wonderful. The knowledge, experience, professionalism and rapport were apparent and put me at ease. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Catherine D.

I'm relatively new to the area, and when my dentist informed me I needed to have a root canal, I didn't know who to use. Based on his recommendation, I chose Modern Endodontics and I am so glad I did. Dr. Kasper and his staff took great care of me and the process went smoothly with very little discomfort after the procedure. I would highly recommend him and his team. I hope I won't need an endodontist in the future, but if I do, I will definitely go here. A big Thank You to him and all his staff.

Lori Bialczak

Modern Endodontics makes me so greatful that I am living in these times! I walked into the office for a consultation on an extremely sensitive tooth and walked out two and a half hours later with a completed root canal treatment with no pain then or after. I felt very well informed and cared for and would highly recommend Dr. Kasper and this practice to anyone in need.

Karen Peterik

I recently had two root canals on adjoining teeth with Dr. Bell. He checked in with me day after the first one and asked how I was doing. I told him that if I was not awake during the procedure that I would not have known that it was done as there was no pain during and post procedure. The second one seems to be going the same way. He also took the time to explain all aspects of the procedure. Highly recommend

Michael Marek

I've had two root canal procedures with Dr Kasper, both went painless. Dr. Kasper explained procedure before starting and went over x-rays after. Dr. Kasper and staff very friendly and made you comfortable. Highly recommend.

Karen S.

I've had root canal procedures in the past which made me apprehensive for the procedure with Dr Kasper. To my surprise it went painless and both Dr. Kasper and his staff were pleasant, informative and professional. I would highly recommend him and appreciated he worked me into his busy schedule.

Mary Zoerner

Dr Bell performed a root canal on one of my molars. While never a pleasant experience, I experienced no pain and his expertise was evident throughout the session. I highly recommend Modern Endodontics.

Lonnie S.

I am a bit squeamish to say the least about dental procedures but Dr Bell and his staff did s superb job of informing me, making sure the procedure was pain free and treating me with patience & compassion. Two thumbs way up for Dr Bell & his team.

Pam Kasbohm

I received excellent professional care from Dr Bell! He was not only competent, highly skilled but kind and considerate of my concerns. Besides his expertise, his staff, without exception, is remarkable! Each person in this office is capable and caring. I highly recommend this endodontic practice. All are great dental professionals!

Sharon Kripp

Dr. Bell performed a root canal on one of my teeth. He made sure I understood all of my options and explained the procedure in detail. He was very considerate and made sure I was comfortable before beginning. Afterwards he explained how to minimize my pain while the tooth healed. I would definitely return to this office if I need any work in the future.

Susan Dillon

I’ve had work done by both Dr Kasper and Dr Bell. The staff has always been courteous and thorough. Dr Bell did my latest procedure and did a fantastic job. He kept me informed on what he was doing every step of the way. He and the staff followed COVID protocols which made me feel safe.

Frank Diliberto

I have positive things to say about Modern Endo. They run on time. Dr. Bell took my phone call on a Friday evening to discuss my pain management. I found that cell phone number on the company's routine voicemail, wow! The facility is clean and staff is friendly. Thank you Dr. Bell and staff!

Maxine Weiss Kunz

Dr. Bell and the staff have this down to a science, this was my first root canal and I have always been apprehensive after hearing horror stories from other people. This was nothing that I expected, Dr. Bell went over everything thoroughly and explained every detail through out the whole process. I wouldn't think twice about going anywhere else, their technology and professionalism are second to none !! Thank you again , Rick Kuhlmey

Rick Kuhlmey

Dr. Kasper and staff were extremely professional, informative, and comforting during my appointments. I have nothing but great things to say about how I was taken care of and treated. If you ever need a procedure in their realm of work, I would highly recommend!

Matt T.

Dr. Kasper and staff were great. I was in pain, they had me come in that day, root canal done. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.

Ruth Lorenzi

Dr Kasper and assistant were very professional and I had an excellent experience no pain at all

Carol turner

Very friendly and efficient staff. Polite and good at explaining what is going on at all times. Most important everything worked out well.


The first time ever that my blood pressure was normal during a dental procedure...because Dr. Bell and his staff are very talented and caring. As it was my second visit with them I knew I could relax and I would be in the best care possible. I highly recommend Modern Endodontics to anyone who fears dental procedures. I experienced no pain and they provided constant concern and communication throughout the entire process.


I just recently had a root canal by Dr. Kasper. The good dentist put me at ease with his explanation of what he was doing during the procedure. He is definitely a professional who is at the top of his profession. I would also compliment him on his staff, they were also professional,courteous, and friendly people. If one my 17 grandchildren needed root canal or special dental work I would definitely recommend Dr. Kasper to them.

James L McMahon

October 2020 Second testimonial here: This one's for the office staff and dental assistants. They were equally on par with the quality of Modern Endodontics. Friendly, high quality, responsive. Generally, it's only when something goes wrong that you appreciate (or un-appreciate) all the work that goes on behind the scenes. This is me appreciating all the work and courtesy that generally goes calls with updates about insurance, etc. Thank you. Everything was smooth. And everyone in the office was friendly and helpful. You can count on Modern Endodontics.

N Hendricks

October 2020 Seriously don't know why they need my testimonial with this many already written. I guess the only reason I'm writing one is because they deserve my recommendation. I had the unfortunate pleasure to see both Dr. Kasper and Dr. Bell within the same month (for different teeth.) I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Foremost professional, capable, efficient, and responsive (yeah...they called me back on a holiday weekend when the office was closed). But also very friendly and able to quickly address the issues and set you at ease. I will certainly return (if it's so written in my cards to need another root canal), and am so pleased that my dentist, Dr. Manolis referred me here.

N Hendricks

I  had a good experience with Dr. Bell and his assistant .  They were friendly and explained what they were going to do each step of the way.  So glad my Dr. Tod  Manolis  recommended them to do my foot canal.

L. Pohl

I have had a fear of dentists and needles for as long as I could remember - so when I had the symptoms of needing a root canal, I panicked. But from the second I stepped into Modern Endodontics, I felt welcomed and actually somewhat calm! It was obvious I was nervous, but Dr. Kasper and his staff walked me through everything and made me feel at ease. They didn't even make fun of the stuffed sloth I brought in to squeeze during the procedure! I'm not scared of root canals anymore thanks to this wonderful crew. If I need to have another, I will absolutely be back.

Kelsey Barry

I highly recommend Modern Endodontics not only for excellent work and professionalism, but also for creating as comfortable an experience as endodontics can be. Both Dr Kasper and the assistants are friendly, caring, and patient. They even laugh at my jokes!

Deborah J Gross

Referred by Zak Frazier , most courtesy Dr. Bell and staff. Completed a redo for root canal and he was most thorough and explained every step. He should talk to his boss for a raise.%uD83D%uDC4F%uD83D%uDC4C

Greg Widmar

The care and treatment I received was outstanding. I have had extensive dental work done in the past This experience exceeds all of them. Many thanks to Dr. Bell and his staff. I would highly recommend .

Deborah O’Malley

I was quite impressed with Dr. Bell and his assistants. They are quite a team! Both visits were very positive in a caring and professional manner. I literally could have taken a nap during the procedures. I had a root canal 35 years ago. What a truly have taken it to a new "modern endodontic" level! Accolades to you Dr. have it!!!

Sharon Higgins

I had one root canal in my lifetime, twenty years ago or better. I vowed I wouldn't have another!  That root canals took several dental appointments, and the tooth cracked during the post insertion, and had to be extracted.
Times certainly have changed. Dr. Edward L. Kasper, performed an endodontic evaluation,
brought me up to date, explaining and demonstrating the surgical operation microscope, and
all the modern Hi-Tech equipment that he would be using  during the procedure.
Dr. Kasper used my x-ray explained each step of the procedure.  I felt so reassured and confident with Dr. Kasper. The root canal was painless, (Not even a headache).  Treatment took one office visit.  
Modern Endodontics, Dr. Edward L. Kasper, & Staff are Specialist in the field of Endodontics, Everyone was Courteous, Pleasant, and very Professional, using state of the art technology and care.  I highly recommend  Modern Endodontics Dr. Edward Kasper and Staff.
J. Kovas

During the hectic and uncertain time of Covid 19, I found reassurance and calm at Modern Endodontics. This was my first visit, and I received excellent treatment from start to finish.  The staff is very professional and efficient.  I was very happy with my visits to the office and recommend them highly to anyone in need

R. Adamczyk

Dr. Bell and the entire staff could not be more gifted and professional at their craft. I have had extensive dental procedures, and this was by far, my best experience! Not only is Dr. Bell an excellent endodontist, but he's is kind and gentle. He repeatedly asked if I was comfortable, and explained in detail how he was progressing through the entire procedure. I am pain free and would recommend Dr. Bell to anyone needing a root canal.

Bambi Tesmond

I do not like dentists and have always pushed myself to make appointments. Dr Kasper certainly made the whole experience smooth and comfortable and was very informative through the whole procedure. I definitely recommend him and his staff for excellent customer service.

Ed F

Very clean, modern and professional office with friendly doctor and staff. Did excellent work with my root canal and I would recommend to other prospective patients.


Who ever thought a root canal would be no big deal...Dr. Bell makes it like that! I will NEVER go anywhere else should I need to return. Professional, on time and they all work together like a well oiled machine.

Jorie Meyer

I have always been uncomfortable with any dental care due to several bad experiences in childhood. But I have to say, this was the most relaxed and comfortable I have ever been in a dentist's chair! I was referred from my regular dentist for an emergency root canal, and the Modern Endodontics staff are just wonderfully friendly and helpful. Dr. Kaspar took great care to ensure I felt no pain during my visits, provided details about what he was going to do and what was happening while he was working on my tooth. Seriously the best dental experience I have ever had — HIGHLY recommend this office and these people!!

Shannon Keith-Rinker

I was referred to Modern Endodontics by my dentist to investigate severe pain. I met with Dr. Bell and he was simply terrific. After testing me and seeing me in pain, he fit me in later that same afternoon for a root canal. The whole process was excellent - Dr. Bell and his assistant did a fantastic (and painless) job. My follow up visit with Dr. Bell was equally good - in 60-75 minutes, he inspected, and finalized the root canal treatment. I could not be happier and have already told my friends to reach out and meet Dr. Bell should the need arise. To be sure, Dr. Bell's assistants during the procedures and the office staff are terrific as well. Do not look anywhere else!


I was completely satisfied with the care I received at Modern Endodontics. Including Dr.Bell, his assistants, and the staff at the front desk, I interacted with seven or eight members of the staff. Every single one of them was pleasant, courteous, and enthusiastic, and conveyed genuine interest in ensuring that I received the best possible care. This was absolutely the most positive medical experience I have ever had! I would recommend them anyone.

Steve Dorris

Dr Bell was very thorough  and took the time to explain everything that was going to happen. I was always comfortable. I would definitely come back to this office if needed again.

Diane H.

I am very happy with the decision to have redone my root canal by Dr Kasper.I did not know anything about him before my regular dentist referred me to him, but, with what I know now, if I or member of my family need endodontist in the future, we would not look for another doctor. From the beginning, Dr Kasper provided me with detailed explanation of the problem with a tooth, his approach to resolving the problem and a prognosis. After receiving my agreement, Dr Kasper successfully completed his plan with a great efficiency. I also must note that the staff of this office cannot be better! Thank you to all!

Ramiz Babayev

IF a root canal can be a pleasant experience this is where it is made! The patient was actually my wife who suffers from Alzheimer's. From walking in the door the office is friendly, knowledgeable and caring. They even remember personal conversations from prior visits. The Dr. has a wonderful 'patient side' manner, very caring, and a master at his craft. Follow up to see how she is doing, and a follow up check up advised in a year. Would not go anywhere else and would actually travel to come back here if there's a future need (please no!).

Graham Bromley

Dr. Kasper was great and made me feel comfortable. The staff are pleasant and friendly. Well run office


If you need a root canal this is the place to go. I was very satisfied with the care I received and Dr. Kasper and his staff were the best.


I am such a nervous Nelly about dental procedures! Dr. Bell as gently as possible got me part way thru part 1 when we both decided a mild sedative was needed. I came back for parts 2 and 3 and was able to sit still in comfort. I also have to mention how kind and curteous the front desk and tech staff were. Thanks Dr. Bell and team!

Peggy Piper

Although going to the dentist for anything, a root canal is my worst fear. Those fears were quickly dispelled by Dr. Kasper and his staff. He explained everything and his skills are amazing. As painless as could be!

Donna Sims

A cheerful, courteous & competent staff in an efficient and organized office supports Dr. Kasper who diagnosed & explained my problem, answered my questions, and professionally preformed my root cannel procedures. I recommend him to anyone seeking an endodontist.


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Bell and his team..well as wonderful as you could hope for a root canal to be. Completely painless & Dr. Bell did a great job putting me at ease by explaining everything he was doing step by step. Your comfort is truly their goal! Highly recommended!!

Edita H.

My root canal, done by Dr Bell, could not have been easier or less painful. In fact, I had no pain at all either during or after the procedure. My thanks to Dr Bell and the office staff. They made a potentially painful experience go very smoothly.

Tim C

This is an extremely professional team all the way around !This group made an uncomfortable procedure easy and painless . I highly recommend Modern Endo !

Greg Suffield

I had a great experience with Dr. Kasper and his entire team. Very professional team and as "relaxing" as a root canal can be..with nitrous oxide of course. Very grateful for their work, worth the drive from Indiana.

Lauren H

Today I went to Modern Endodontics to retreat a molar root canal tooth. Dr Ed Kasper was the most amazing gentle professional Doctor. I actually fell asleep during the procedure. I would highly recommend everyone to this wonderful group The front desk staff were all so kind. The assistants were the best.

Juliann P.

Great job did the entire procedure in one visit.He puts your mind at ease before you know it you are done.Explains every thing he is doing.To be able to say wow after getting a root canal is a complement.To a good job well done.


Dr. Kasper is kind, skilled, and he truly puts you at ease! My friends cringed when I said I had to get a root canal, but the entire experience was smooth and pain-free so I had only positive news to report! Dr. Kasper lets you know how the process is going as he works which is very comforting. Then he provides information at the end to explain what was accomplished and any tips for further care. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper and am grateful for his help!

Jennifer K

I just had my root canal done by Dr. Bell. He is the best doctor I have ever had. He is very professional, very experienced and very patient. He informed me what his treatment would be in advance so that I was very prepared. I was a great experience to get my root canal done with him. His office staffs are very friendly and made a good follow up. I highly recommended him. Mingwei Wang

Dr. Bell Is Great !

I had Dr. Bell redo an old root canal. I was completely satisfied with the work done and found everyone professional and friendly. Dr. Bell was great at explaining everything step by step.

M. Jaros

Great Dr.- Great staff. My root canal was a little more complicated than most. Only 1 visit. Love It!

A. Walsh

A root canal is not exactly a pleasure, but mine was virtually painless. Dr. Bell explained everything, anticipated possible disturbances, and made it all work. Everybody was friendly and professional. I'm thoroughly satisfied.

Marvin Katilius-Boydstun

The office staff were great, Dr. Bell’s assistant was even better. Dr. Logan Bell was very thorough, a consummate professional, and explained the steps he took during the root canal and a follow-up visit. A root canal is not anyone’s way to spend a day but this doctor’s staff, assistant and he himself made this a painless procedure,

Tom Simek

I came to Dr. Kasper for a root canal on a referral from my own dentist. Fantastic experience, professional, focused, informative, and really interesting to see and experience the high tech tools they use.

Mike Doyle

Root canal is usually synonymous with an unpleasant experience. Not that its a lot of fun, but Dr. Kasper was great! He explained everything to me and it was really painless. He made me feel confident and put me at ease. The entire staff in his office were really nice and great at explaining the procedure and what to expect. It had been years since I had a root canal and I remember it being somewhat painful...This was not at all that way. I highly recommend Modern Endodontics

Carl Giammarese

Had a root Canal done, expecting the worst and got the BEST! What a Professional Friendly atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and Dr. K is very attentive and answer all my questions. Of course he waited for my mouth to be numb so I couldn't ask any..Only kidding, He is GREAT! Thank you, Thank you...

Kevin K

Dr. Ed, the assistants and the Modern Endodontics admin ladies are all real pros. My procedures were relatively painless and with very few post-procedure symptoms. Everyone was right on time and very organized. Thank you for making a potentially difficult experience very smooth.


great staff...reatively painless and even liked the music they play from dr k's ipod. all kidding aside i would recommend this office to anyone

tim m

All the glowing accolades have been expressed in previous testimonials so all I can say is "DITTO". Probably the least threatening experience of my life and I'm 86 so there's been many opportunities for something bad to happen. But this was a piece of cake. Dr. Bell and all the excellent staff you are HERO'S in my book.


I am terribly nervous about going to the dentist, and even more so to have a root canal done. The staff was very friendly from the initial contact, until the work had been completed. Dr. Kasper was friendly, and immediately put me at ease. He explained everything he would be doing, and allowed me to see the x-rays taken before and after everything was finished. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper to anyone questioning if he will be a good choice to do your root canal. Also, I'm from the far south side of Chicago and thought it would be difficult getting there, but I hopped on the 294 tollway, and was there in about 20 minutes.

Lynn D.

Modern Endodontics in Western Springs, IL is the only place I will ever go to for a root canal! Dr. Ed Kasper just completed my third root canal in 11 years (he has done all 3 of my root canals). He and his team are highly professional, compassionate, kind, thorough, efficient and the most friendly people possible! Last month, on a weekday, I called my dentist at 8 AM with a terrible toothache. After telling him my symptoms, he called Modern Endodontics and they scheduled me for an appointment at 1 PM that same day! Dr. Kasper, Dr. Bell and the members of their team care about their patients and will do anything possible to treat their pain, even if it means working during their lunch hour or staying late to address patient emergencies! Dr. Kasper always takes the time to explain to me exactly what is going on with my problem tooth and what he is going to do to address the problem. He is personable and clearly enjoys helping people, many of whom come to him suffering terrible pain. The assistants, office staff and receptionists are all delightful human beings who care about you and do their best to make you feel as comfortable as possible from the moment you come in the front door until the moment you leave. They also call you the day after you have a procedure to ask how you are feeling. I give the strongest possible recommendation to Modern Endodontics!

Jim Head

A pleasant and comfortable experience. Very professional and courteous. Clean surroundings. Dr. Bell explained and carried out the procedure with perfection

K Basith

I was very impressed with Dr. Bell and his entire staff. Everyone was very personable and accommodating. I was thoroughly briefed by Dr. Bell and his staff as to all procedures. Highly recommend them to everyone.

Mike Forlenza

Dr. Kasper and his staff were very kind, caring, and professional each time I was their patient. Dr. Kasper took time to explain things after each visit. My only complaint is that he supports the White Sox. Even with that, I trusted him with my teeth. Great group of professionals!

Dennis Lewis

Dr. Bell and his entire staff are very welcoming, compassionate and caring. I've never had to wait for more than a few minutes when I arrive for an appointment and when Doc says the procedure will last an hour, he's exactly right. Dr. Bell is an extremely knowledgeable man. He made me very comfortable as he explained every step of the procedure and his office always calls the next day to follow up on how I was feeling and helped with pain management. I highly recommend Dr. Bell.

Barb Bartik

Highly impressed with how personable Dr. Bell and his staff were. Not only that, but they make you feel comfortable and reassure you throughout the entire procedure. That mean a lot to me since this was my first root canal. Very grateful that I met everyone and thanks again for the great care provided. Be blessed.

Paul Schultz

Great staff. A necessary procedure sometimes but made as painless as possible. Dr. Logan Bell and his assistants are excellent. State of the art equipment. If I need another root canal I would not hesitate to come back.

Peter S.

Dr. Bell was incredibly efficient and friendly. He was very engaging and went out of his way to explain in detail every step. It was painless and easy.

Rosemary Madden

Dr,Kasper and his staff are professional,friendly,explain the procedure with extreme clarity .Highly highly recommended! Thank you!

Mercedes Sorbara

Dr. Kasper and his staff were extremely professional and prompt with the appointments. The not so pleasant experience of a root canal could not have gone any better.

John P

Modern Endo is great. Dr Kasper is very informative. I had two root canal procedures and both times it was painless. In fact I almost fell asleep in the chair listening to the great music they play. If you need Endodontic care Modern Endodontics is the best choice! PS friendly and nice office team.

paul witte

I had never had a root canal before. I only thought it was not good. Dr. Bell's a pro and everyone in the office knows how to support you into the uncertainty. The procedure didn't hurt but it was long. My tooth and jaw was sore for the next few days although Dr. Bell and the staff told me what to expect in advance. Although we all wish these things weren't necessary, they are if you care about your teeth and your health. Those things are worth caring about and this office will guide you through it with a thoroughly modern approach using their skills and experience.


My dentist referred me to this office. I’m the first to admit I’m a big baby when it comes to drills near my teeth. I had to have a root canal treatment. Dr. Bell and his staff put me at ease. Everything was explained to me as he went along . My visits were pain free, and I am thankful for that. I would not go to anyone else. I appreciate their follow up calls. The staff is so knowledgeable on any questions that I have had. Thank you!


Very professional office. They keep in touch on the status of your appointment and remind you when your due. Once inside it's well oiled machine, but with friendliness and comfort piled on. They exude confidence which gave me confidence in their ability and my process went quite well. And they seem to have all of the latest technology and equipment which I appreciate. Also, if you like, they share what their doing during the procedure. I like that. I'd go back.


Dr. Bell: From the moment I enter your office, I am embraced by a serenity – a soothing generosity that demonstrates your sincere mission of wanting the best for each and every patient. You all work so smoothly as a team, and your unparalleled devotion to those of us who are in need of your unique care and expertise carries us through what would otherwise be a stressful, anxiety-ridden process. I couldn't have been in better hands. Fond Regards, Laurina

Laurina Stiegmann

I cannot tell you how afraid I was to find out that a root canal had to be re-done, but my dentist knew exactly where to send me-to Dr. Kaspar! He is amazing. So calm and caring about his patients, he explains everything, answers all your questions and nothing fazes him. The staff in the office is amazing, so polite and professional they put you at ease immediately. I am not done with my procedure yet but they make going there a very positive experience. Thanks to you ALL!

Rita Dieter

Dr. Kasper was so professional. I have to say I have always hated going through any dental procedures but when I went for my root canal and when I left from my first appointment and procedure I was thinking they should call it something other than root canal, as it wasn't as horrible as I was expecting or sounds. I would recommend them to anyone, also the assistant was great.


Wow, what an amazing experience!  From the moment I walked in the door until the end of my second appointment I was totally impressed.  Dr. Bell, his assistant, and the office staff are friendly and competent.  I was lucky to have been referred to Dr. Bell and to obtain an appointment immediately.  Not having had a root canal in many years, I was in awe of the technology.  Dr. Bell is kind and thorough, explaining everything he is doing as the appointment progresses, eliminating all fear.  The follow up call was much appreciated.  I highly recommend Dr. Logan T. Bell.  Thank you all for making this experience as painless and pleasant as possible

Annabelle O.

I walked to Dr. Kasper’s chair quite fearful and in a lot of obvious pain. He has a wonderful calming manner, explained what he was planning to do and throughout the procedure kept me informed. I can truly say it was a good experience.Thank you so much Dr. Kasper.

Clare Watson

Dr. Bell and the staff at Modern Endodontics are wonderful.I took in my 7 year old for a somewhat urgent procedure and they took us in right away and even tried to get us in before our scheduled day.The staff is friendly, polite and professional. Dr Bell is amazing. Not only did he explain the procedure in detail to me he also put my daughter at ease by telling her what he was going to do without traumatizing her.She was actually looking forward to her 2nd appointment(2 step process) .I highly recommend Dr. Bell and his staff at Modern Endodontics.

Michelle Corsei

Working with Dr. Bell was an absolute pleasure. I was in extreme pain and found out that I required a root canal. This was my first experience having this procedure done and Dr. Bell thoroughly walked me through the process as well as answered any questions I had. My apprehension and anxiety were immediately put at ease. I would highly recommend him and his staff, they are by far one of the most professional offices I have ever visited. 

Ken R.

No one looks forward to a root canal but the procedure was done by Dr. Kasper seamlessly. He was very reassuring and explained the entire process. Also the staff at Modern Endodontics were very friendly and helpful with insurance.

John P

Dr. Kasper has a very calming manner and he and his staff and the facility and equipment are all top notch. I would highly recommend this practice when you need help with a root canal. The worst part of having a root canal is largely the anxiety prior to the visit. Once you get there you are instantly put as ease by the staff. Great care is taken to assure a very comfortable experience is what you have. Dr. Kasper is also very thorough in his procedure and in explaining things. Very, very positive experience.

Rob Bussey

Dr. Bell is amazing. My first visit was on an emergency basis. He and his staff were so caring and very professional. The treatment was painless! My second visit was also painless. Each time I was given patient information and the staff followed up the next day. I recommend Dr. Bell highly. He has a wonderful warm manner and will take care of you!

Maureen Wogan

I would never have imagined writing a positive testimonial about a root canal, yet here I am. Dr. Bell saw me on a semi-emergency basis on a Saturday and performed the first step of the two step process. He completed step two this week. Never have I been as impressed by anyone in the medical field as I am with Dr. Bell. His "chair side" manner is great, his coordination with his assistant is impressive and I experienced absolutely no pain. I hope I never have to have another root canal, but if I do, I'm going to Dr. Bell. BTW, the background music in the office is awesome also!

Dave N

The office staff was superb. They were polite and would call if there was a cancellation so I could be worked in. I had never had a root canal and had heard so many scary stories. My experience went without a hitch. NO PAIN! Very relaxing atmosphere and they talked to me throughout the procedure. My comfort was their primary concern. I hope I never need another procedure, but if I do, I will come back to the office without hesitation!

Yolanda B

I had my first root canal experience with Dr. Bell. While I was definitely not looking forward to having to get this done, I have to say that Dr. Bell made it as comfortable and as easy to manage as possible. He explained everything and took time to answer all of my questions. My procedure ended up taking some additional appointments but each time he provided me with the information I needed to understand what was going on and the compassion I needed to not feel frustrated and upset. I absolutely love how the friendly and helpful the office staff is and how they call to check on you the day after your appointment. Not that I want to ever get another root canal, but if I did, I would only see Dr. Bell!

Nicole M

Wow! Has dentistry changed over my lifetime...No pain, lots of dedicated, smart, talented, friendly people here. Dr. Kasper thank you for your talent and also thanks to all your staff. I had an informative, actually fun experience for having a redo on an old old root canal. And the flavors are yummy.

Mary Kunce

My son Josiah is 9 years old and recently had Dr. Bell perform a root canal over the course of 2 visits.  I felt that he was very caring and helped the procedure to go as well as possible for a 9 year old!  He was very helpful in explaining exactly what he was doing and showed a lot of care for my son.  Thank you for making this a pleasant procedure!

Dr. Bell did a fantastic job! I was fortunate enough to have the entire procedure completed in 1 day! I am a naturally curious and analytical person. Sometimes, logical to a fault. Dr. Bell explained every step and included his logic and reasoning. Both of which are incredibly sound. The team there is fantastic. I was fortunate enough to have Julia assisting Logan. With hardly a word said, they were on the same page the entire time. Dr. Bell might look young but you can tell, he has been around the block a few times. Thanks Logan and Julia!

Bob Baker

Dr. Bell performed the second step of my root canal today and it went as well as the first, which was excellent. Dr. Bell is personal and professional and an expert at what he does. The equipment and technology he utilizes is clearly the best available as well. The experience was as good as it gets.

Chris Bekermeier

Dr. Kasper did my root canal and it was totally painless. He was friendly and professional and he explained the whole procedure to me. His office staff and assistants were extremely nice and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper for anyone needing his expertise.

Jacqueline McMahon

I am admittedly one of those who fear dental work to the point where just the thought of it creates terrible anxiety. Dr. Kasper and his staff treated me so well and assured me that I would not feel any pain on my initial root canal visit. In fact I felt absolutely no pain during the procedure. When I went back for the second treatment for the root canal I was as calm as sitting in a library. No anxiety or fear this time. While I hope to never see Dr. Kasper again, if I need dental work in the future this is where I am going to go.

David Brown

I normally don’t write testimonials however, what I continue to experience with Dr. Logan Bell and his staff is a story to be told. Dr. Logan Bell puts you at ease instantly, educates you from beginning to end, provides all your options accordingly and answers all your questions. When the procedure is taking place you know exactly what to expect. And it doesn’t stop there, the extraordinary service continues on with his staff which makes you feel welcomed with each and every visit. I’ve had my share of dentists (endodonctic) over the years, however, no one to this date has exceeded my expectations like Dr. Logan Bell! Cheers to Dr. Logan Bell and his staff for their service and dedication to this practice. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Logan Bell over and over again without reservation and his staff at Modern Endodontics—-you will NOT disappointed with the treatment or the experience!

Diana G

Just finished the final step of my root canal with Dr. Bell today. I feel wonderful. He explained everything every step of the way and put me at ease. If I have any friends or family who ever need a root canal I will definitely refer them to this office!

Tina Davis

I have literally never left a review of anything or anyone on the internet but I thought I should to help others like me. I am a GIANT GROWN WOMAN BABY about dental work. Straight-up phobia. So when I had to get a root canal - thud. My dentist assured me these guys were the best. She was not kidding. Dr. Bell and his assistant were so nice, calming, discussing everything that was going to happen and so utterly patient with my nonsense. And here's the thing - I really never felt a thing. It was unbelievable. I can't recommend them enough.

Maureen G

Dr. Kasper and the staff are professional and considerate of patient. Highly recommended.

Yovan Stevanovich

Oh my gosh, I am so very happy my dentist recommended me to see the doctors at Modern Endodontics! Doctor Kasper was SO PATIENT and understanding. He was very conservative and took his time figuring out which tooth was actually causing the problem. He explained what he was doing every step of the way and took his time and showed the x-rays, etc. His staff from the front desk to his assistants were ALL kind, polite and professional. I will recommend Doctor Kasper any chance I get. Thank you to everyone!

Barbara C.

5 star rating to Dr. Bell and his staff. If you need a root canal,there is no need to be anxious or scared with Dr. Bell doing the procedure. Totally pain free during and after the procedure. If ever the need arises for further treatment, without hesitation I would choose Dr. Bell.

Beverly P

I am very pleased with services that I from Dr. Bell and staff. I was seen promptly. His staff was very friendly and accommodating. Most importantly, Dr. Bell performed my root canal perfectly. He was reassuring throughout the procedures, initial and follow up explaining everything as he went along. He uses state of the art equipment, including microscopy to examine the tooth for cracks. I highly recommend Dr. Bell and his staff at Modern Endodontics.

Tom Dunleavy

I recently had a root canal performed by Dr. Bell. I found Dr. Bell and his staff to be very professional in handling my matter and would recommend him to my family and friends if they are in need of endodonctic services

Tom McFadden

Sent by my dentist to have a possible redo of a very old root canal and treatment of a fistula, I can say that Dr. Bell is highly professional, has an incredible "chairside" manner and delivers excellent care. His staff are friendly, organized and thorough. I found my new endodontist!

Daryl G.

This practice is extraordinary! I received treatment from Dr. Bell on 02-06-18, this was the same day I sought treatment. I went through the day in pain, received treatment and I am pain free. Dr. Bell, his assistant and front desk personnel were all very professional and courteous. This practice has, in my opinion, maintained a consistent and high level of service. It was quite sometime ago that I previously received treatment here and the same high standards remain. I have and will continue to recommend this practice to anyone needing treatment. Thanks!

Charles J. Lopez

Dr. Bell and his assistant were very professional, friendly and efficient. Dr. Bell explained everything that was going to happen and during the procedure. This was truly a painless root canal and I will come back if I ever need another one. Everything was done professionally and quickly. I was out of the office within the hour. Dr. Bell always made you feel you were dealing with a confident doctor who would handle any issues that may come up. It was a very pleasant experience.


I was very satisfied with the professional and pain-free dental services provided by Dr. Bell.

Mike Jurusik

I had a lower front bridge for 29 years when it became loose. My dentist looked at it, placed a temporary bridge in place & suggested that I see Dr Bell. I had just scheduled back surgery, it was very important that this process be taken care of before surgery as I will not be able to tolerate sitting in a dental chair for several months after surgery. Every one was so accommodating & got me in quickly. Two root canals were retreated and the temporary bridge put back in place. A problem arose and the temporary fell off 2 times after the root canals were sealed. Dr. Bell got me in immediately and got the temporary back on within minutes. Monday is the oral surgery to help accommodate the final new bridge. After a healing time of 8-12 weeks we will be ready for the last step so that I can have my back surgery in March. To date everyone has worked like a well oiled machine. My heartfelt thanks to all involved. 

Doby Meyer

A root canal is not something one eagerly anticipates.  However, Dr. Kasper’s expertise took much of the stress out of the experience.  His calm manner and willingness to take the time to thoroughly explain and listen to and respond to questions and concerns inspires trust.  In addition, the responsiveness and pleasant manner of the office personnel as well as the attention to detail in the office decor says a great deal about an emphasis on quality that also adds to a feeling of confidence on the part of the patient.


I have had a rather difficult tooth to deal with, and Dr. Kasper has shown great care and understanding. It has taken multiple visits and each time he has taken the time to explain what is going on and why. In addition, I must say that the root canal treatment has been virtually pain free. Hope I never need another, but if I do, it will be with Dr. Kasper. Highly recommended.

Ron Casper

I received excellent treatment by Dr Kasper and his staff. He was great at explaining the problem and the treatment.
The atmosphere was calm and everyone was very kind and friendly. It did not seem rushed- I received the time that was needed to complete the treatment.
I would recommend Dr Kasper 100%!

J. Knoppers

First root canal so I was a big baby about the procedure and had many, many questions for Dr. Kasper. He took the time to answer all of them and never made me feel like I was taking up too much of his time. Very professional and very appreciated his thorough explanations.


I am a wimp when it comes to Dental procedures. I always hoped that the day would never come that I needed a root canal but it finally arrived! A two part one at that. Turned out that I never should have worried. Dr. Kasper was excellent and explained everything to me. His calm demeaner and excellence at what he does pulled me through. The office staff and everybody were great. I would recommend Modern Endodontics to anybody needing special work on their teeth.

Val M.

Dr. Bell kept me informed of each procedure prior to performing the procedure. I felt quite comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Thank you Dr. Bell for your most kind consideration. I am very impressed with your professionalism while being kind and friendly. Your expertise contributed greatly to my physical and emotional comfort. Well done, Dr. Bell. The entire staff made me feel welcome. The interaction between Dr. Bell and his assistant during the procedure was fluid and flawless like a well tuned instrument. Thank you all.

Cecelia Popowitch

If I ever need another root canal I will go back to Dr. Bell. The procedure was painless. Okay, a brief “twinge” when he first administered the painkiller. Essentially painless. He did a superb job of explaining what was going to happen. From his comments I had confidence that if problems arose he could deal with them. The dental assistants and office staff I interfaced with were all friendly and helpful - from when I first called in through completing the work. They were great on being flexible, accommodating requests and following through. Being a technical type, I am really impressed with the technology they use. Incredible advances from the “old days.” Honestly, I enjoyed the entire experience. And my tooth doesn’t hurt anymore!

John Kurtz

I was referred to Dr. Kasper by my dentist Dr. Yerkes for a root canal. Very professional along with a very friendly personality. It was completed in two sessions like I was told. I'm very happy with the level of service from him & also his staff! Thanks again

Rick Chyzy

After Dr. Philip Girgis referred me to Modern Endodontics I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and Dr. Kasper. He made my experience with the root canal therapy very comfortable. Despite the fact that I had to return a few times due to no fault of Dr. Kasper he was very patient and we were able to complete the procedure without undue stress. Thank You.

Lorraine W

Dr. Bell and his team are absolutely wonderful! The atmosphere is very fun and welcoming. Dr. Bell makes sure nothing is felt and goes above and beyond for the comfort of his patients. From walking through the door a smile can't help but appear on everyone's face. Modern Endodontics is definitely the place to go!

Kristina L.

Dr. Kasper and his wonderful team were outstanding in performing the dental work I needed. It was a good and painless experience for me and I am grateful to the staff for their kindness. Thank you. Gladys Adams

Gladys Adams

Nice touch and great job! Thanks much! Hope your kids continue to do their BIRDING!!

Dan V

Dental work is not the most appealing process for many!  However, if you are suffering in pain or initiating preventive care, Modern Endodontics is the place to go!  From the moment you walk in to the office to the moment your appointment is over, you are well taken care of by all of Dr. Kasper and Dr. Bell’s staff!  

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Bell and his team!  Dr. Bell is absolutely amazing!  His demeanor, his professionalism, and his bed side manner exceeded all expectations!!  I had numerous appointments to rectify an issue and through all appointments, Dr. Bell was not only extremely knowledgeable but explained in great detail what was happening and what the appointment entailed.  He takes the time to explain using up-to-date technology where you can see the problem, and through his explanation, how it will be fixed!  It is hard to find a reputable endodontic specialist who you can trust but I can confidently say that Modern Endodontics provides a trusting environment where you are well taken care of in all aspects of the process!  Thank you to Dr. Bell and his team!

Jaime G.

I was very impressed by the professionalism, the precise teamwork, the technology and best of all, the minimizing of pain and discomfort.

Rick Derer

My thanks to Dr. Kasper and staff for making my visit as pleasant as possible. Excellent work, painless and efficiently done. Dr Kasper was very friendly and outgoing.

Bill Carlson

Let me add my comments to the long list of exceptional testimonials to the expertise, professionalism and kindness of the doctors and staff of Modern Endodontics of Western Springs, IL. As a medical educator myself, I was very impressed with the way Dr. Logan Bell answered all my technical questions with patience if not enthusiasm. I could not help but tell him in all honesty that he was an excellent teacher. I, too, experienced no pain with my root canal, was intrigued with all the modern technology and image captures, and left kind of sad my visits were over. After all was done I was emailed not only the report of the work done on me, but also digital images of my tooth as per my request. If, and when, I have the need for another root canal, I now know exactly where to go! I thank all members of this team.

Charles Webber

I have to say this was the best dental experience that I ever had. Absolutely no misery. Dr. Bell is a wizard. I have told everybody I can think of to come here if they need a root canal. The staff are all very pleasant and there is an atmosphere of relaxed professionalism. Highly recommended .

Polly Wilkinson

Having worked in the medical field for 35 years, I have had the great, good fortune to work with cardiologists who were truly dedicated to their profession. Unfortunately, the number is substantially smaller than the total number of physicians that I have worked with. Finding my way, with the help of my daughter, to this practice was an example of a 'good fortune'. Dr. Kasper expertly treated my misfortunate mistake made by another dentist. Dr. Kasper and his entire staff serve as a shining example of the highest quality dental care that there is. I believe that Dr. Kasper is one of those rare individuals that embody the true spirit of patient care, comfort, along with precision to detail and utmost attention to patient comfort. I could have lived my life, not ever having to experience root canal, but if you have to decide on a practitioner to entrust your dental care to, look no further than this practice. Now, I am indebted to my daughter for her expertise in knowing superb dental care!

Sue Katello

My root canal therapy with Dr. Logan Bell was an amazing experience of absolutely no discomfort, both during and after the treatment. I left the office with unexpected astonishment at the relaxed and professional manner in which the complicated procedure was completed during the course of our collegial conversation. We interacted with each other like old friends which enabled me to relax and to marvel at how fast the time seemed to pass by. The use of the latest technology was explained to me in detail in response to my questions, especially the before and after images on the TV screen of what was happening to my broken off tooth, fortunately with no damage to the nerve that had withdrawn above the break. I was pleased to be among the smaller group of patients who could have the whole process completed in one visit of less than two hours. A temporary crown was placed on my damaged tooth two days later by my regular dentist because of the same-day efficient root canal procedure offered by Dr. Bell. Many thanks for greatly exceeding my expectations and for having a significant part in facilitating the construction of a temporary crown in less than a week.

W. R. Nelson

There is something unique and remarkable about MODERN ENDODONTICS' Dr. Edward L. Kasper. Upon discovering I needed a two part root canal this past March, I was filled with fear and was completely dreading the experience! My concern was ELIMINATED when I experienced Dr. Kasper's uncompromising excellence and "pain free" prodedure. Not only is he a "ROCK STAR" in my opinion, but his assistant, Julia, and the front desk secretaries were equally as fabulous!

Carol Ann D.

I had a positive experience at Modern Endodontics. Root Canals are never pleasant. However, Dr. Kasper, his reception staff and nurses were friendly, courteous and efficient. All were strong in both professional competency and genuinely caring for their patients. Dr. Kasper thoroughly explained the procedure, using x-rays to illustrate issues. He honestly evaluated options. My questions were answered and my fears addressed. Dr. Kasper also kept in the loop the two dentists who will complete the process: my periodontist and my regular dentist. Dr. Kasper’s entire team treated me with kindness, friendliness and empathy. They work together very well. I certainly recommend Modern Endodontics to those seeking top notch care from a highly proficient and professional practice.

Jeanie Juvancic

My root canal procedure with Dr. Bell was absolutely without any pain or complications. A true professional and expert dental surgeon I would highly recommend Dr. Bell and Modern Endodontics.

Chris C

I really don't know what I can add after reading all the wonderful testimonials about Dr. Kasper. I was very pleased with my experience from the minute I walked into his office until I left. His staff was so knowledgeable and caring. And Dr .Kasper couldn't have been more professional. He explained everything to me in advance. I highly recommend this endodonist.

Sally Honnold

I found Doctor Bell to be very skilled and professional. He explained the procedures that he performed so that I was well informed about the progress of the treatment. The office followup was greatly appreciated.

Tom Sailer

I consider Dr. Bell and the entire office/medical staff as a blessing in my life. I have undergone many procedures with my teeth, cleanings, fillings, caps, implants, and root canals. I was referred to Dr. Bell by my dentist, whom I trust with my care. The day I called to schedule my appointment, I was greeted by a very calming and professional person, she was very accommodating with my schedule. Appointment day, the parking was easy and free, the office was very clean, decorated nicely, and the staff was amazing. My procedure, two root canals, was explained in detail, all my questions were answered. I am very thankful that the whole process was easy, pain free, and the outcome was excellent. Thank you Dr. Bell and staff, you all are truly amazing people.

Gerry A.

So very glad my dentist referred me here for my root canal. Dr. Bell and the entire staff were so professional, caring and friendly. Everything was explained to put me at ease. I had never had a root canal before and had heard such horror stories about the pain and discomfort. This experience was nothing like that! Highly recommend Modern Endodontics.

Diane B.

Thank you Dr. Bell and your wonderful staff for a great experience.

Bonnie E.

This is the ultimate root canal experience! Everyone in the office is so calm and pleasant and they walk you through all of the steps for the procedure. Dr. Kasper is professional and empathic. There are no surprises in the procedure. He talks you through everything that's going on and everyone in the office is committed to the comfort level of the patient. I appreciate the pictures along with the x-rays. I was able to see exactly what was going on in my troublesome molar. When I lost my temporary filling between appointments, the staff fit me in for a repair. I have nothing but praise for Modern Endodontics. The outcome is excellent and the process was made as comfortable as humanly possible to the point that I found myself drifting off from time to time. A rare experience in a dental chair!

Mary Porod

Dr. Bell was excellent in all respects. I was totally comfortable during the entire procedure and felt no pain. Everything went smooth and efficient. I would recommend this team for all such work

Ed McCambridge

Wow! After reading all the previous testimonials, I don't need to add anything. My whole experience there was very pleasant. Everyone on the staff was kind, friendly and patient. Dr. Bell is phenomenal in explaining everything he's doing and why. Thank you to each and every one of you there!!!

Carolyn Hilk

Dr. Bell did an "Excellent Job" with my two Root Canals. I had no discomfort at all while he was working on my teeth. I love all of that modern technology that you guys have over there & it was really neat to see the before & after pictures of my procedure. Everybody over there is really warm & friendly. Thanks again for everything!

Joseph Garcia

Dr. Bell is an extremely impressive dentist.  I have had two previous root canals with other endodontists, both rather unpleasant.  With Dr. Bell there was almost no discomfort.  But what impressed me most is that, using the latest of dental technology, Dr. Bell obviously strives to provide the best possible dental service to his patients.  He is willing to spend whatever amount of time is required without any increase in charges.  He is a true professional who puts the needs of his patients as his top priority.  

Susan van Duyne, Ed.D.

Dr. Kasper and his staff were so kind. The root canal went so well and there was no pain during or after the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper and his staff!

Denise C.

A new patient needing a root canal and was treated by Dr, Kasper. I was more than pleased with Dr. Kasper's care and handling of this procedure; and the friendly, helpful staff. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a root canal. I have had root canals in the past, albeit many years ago, but his procedure was painless in comparison.

DonnaJean Amstadt

Dr. Kasper and his staff were so good to work with, very professional and accomodating. From my initial call to make the appointment, the cost, financing to the process and time of the procedure put my mind at ease. Many years ago I had a root canal and let's just say it was not a pleasant experience, therefore, I was not looking forward to this process again. I was very nervous and worried about the root canal and especially the pain that I thought I would have (based on a prior experience!) Dr. Kasper put my mind at ease and was very calming and explained the process each step of the way. I experienced little to no pain, even after the procedure was completed. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper and his entire staff!

Grace S.

Love the entire experience. Office decor, wonderful front desk staff, Julia so friendly, Dr Bell can't say enough. He knows his stuff and explains every step of the procedure. Not a long wait at all, even to make an appt. love this place.

Elizabeth Wojcik

The office staff was friendly, caring, and very efficient. Dr. Bell was a perfectionist and explained everything throughout the procedure, which was comforting. I have had no problems. I am grateful!

Lynn M.

Dr. Bell and his staff were wonderful to work with. He very clearly and patiently explained to me and my 12-year old son his diagnosis and the procedure. My son found his root canal to be "no big deal" thanks to the skill and demeanor of Dr. Bell. And as a parent, I felt comforted by his knowledge and ability to treat my son and provide the best option for future dental health.

Melissa K.

Dr. Bell and his staff are the very best both friendly and outstanding dealing with patients.   Dr. Bell and his staff explained everything very clearly.   The procedure was done skillfully without pain.  I have two more procedures and am not worried about them.   For the very best see Dr. Bell and his staff.    

Richard Vlcek

I was referred to Modern Endodontics for a root canal and cannot say enough about the professionalism from the initial call to schedule an appointment and accommodating my schedule to the front desk personnel who greeted you with smiling faces even though I had the first appointment of the day to the dental assistant who kept Doctor Bell on track during the entire procedure and to Doctor Logan Bell himself who explained what I would be experiencing each and every step of the way.  Doctor Bell was so very personable that I felt as if my best friend or family member was taking care of me.  I will have absolutely no problem recommending this dental office in the future.  Keep up the phenomenal work and don't change a thing!

Peggy K.

Dr. Kasper is really an amazing dentist. I had a root canal done on my front tooth. I am extremely happy with the outcome. My tooth looks and feels great. It looks and feels like nothing ever happened to it. I needed a root canal and some bleaching done, because my tooth died. I am pleased with how it turned out, because you cannot tell anything was done to my tooth. In addition, I have to say doctor Kasper is truly an amazing professional with the knowledge, experience, and state of the art equipment. The office staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They will make the patient feel at ease. Modern Endodontics is truly a great professional office where they also respect the patient during the visit. The staff is always on time with a patient’s appointment. Not like other offices where you have to wait a long time to get in the room and still wait for the dentist. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kasper to anyone who needs a root canal, because I know they will be just as happy as I am. Thank you.

Dorota Kobik

Dr. Bell provided me with excellent care. He was very professional, keeping me informed throughout the entire process. Also, he was very kind, making sure I was always doing OK. I was not looking forward to my root canal, but it turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. Thank you, Dr. Bell.

Connie K

Wow, I'm not much for testimonials but my experience warrants one in this case. I came to Modern Endodontics with a gnarly looking abscess tooth and I was in a lot of pain. Unfortunately this wasn't my first rodeo in regards to getting a root canal procedure done. I have experience and something to compare my experience too. Dr. Bell was absolutely awesome and he took very good care of me and I'm truly grateful for the experience I had. Dr. Bell and his team were great through and through. Thank you for the great experience!

Chad Novak

Dr Kasper and his staff are amazing! I have a great fear of having any dental work done due to experiences as a child and they eased my fears totally! They were caring and compassionate! I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Laura Soper

In 2007 and 2016 Dr. Kasper performed root canals for me. His timeliness, professionalism and care were top notch, and his staff was fantastic. I was apprehensive about the possible pain involved, but my fears were unwarranted. To my surprise, both procedures were literally painless! I will not go anywhere else.

Paula T.

I just finished a total mouth reconstruction and months later I needed a root canal. Dr. Morgan set me up with an appointment at Modern Endodonics. Dr. Bell was amazing. I felt no pain with the the procedure nor the next day. I was pain free. Now I can enjoy ice cream (yeh). Dr. Bell is a wonderful Doctor that explains the steps of the procedure as he is working. I would recommend him to everyone.

Deborah Anderson

I was referred to Dr. Bell after my initial root canal (performed by a general dentist)didn't end well. Dr. Bell was able to quickly identify and explain what went wrong and proceed with a retreatment. He resolved all of the problems, and saved my tooth! He is very skilled and takes advantage of the most modern equipment. Dr. Bell explains what is happening through every step of the treatment. He also has the best Novocain technique I've ever experienced, and I am no stranger to dental work. Everything that needed to be numb was, and it wore off shortly after the procedure was completed. The office staff and assistants are awesome and caring as well. Very professional practice. I highly recommend them.

Maggie Mohr

I was referred to Dr. Bell by me general dentist and I couldn't have been happier. I cannot say enough about Dr. Bell and his office staff. Not only did they make my visits as comfortable as possible (which is not easy to say when you are referring to a root canal), they were always on-time. I would recommend this office's services to anyone who asked. They truly were amazing. Thank you.

Tom Gavin

Dr. Kasper was truly one of the best medical professionals I have ever consulted. He was caring, proficient and personable. His staff was helpful, courteous and did their best to see that I saw Dr. Kasper as early as possible as well as handling all insurance info very efficiently. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper

Susan Binkis

There aren't enough words to describe how wonderful and caring Dr. Kasper and his entire staff are. Coming to this office can actually make a root canal a pleasant experience! The care, concern and professionalism of Dr. Kasper and his staff is top notch!

Julie M.

What can I say that hasn't been said already. Dr Bell and staff are awesome. Nowhere have I been treated with more kindness and respect and been informed of all steps of my procedure than with Dr Bell and staff. A big thank you to you all for making my bad tooth a pleasant experience ??


Dr. Bell (and the staff) was incredibly professional and comforting. I came into the office in horrible pain, but from the moment I sat down I felt immediately at ease. The time Dr. Bell spent explaining the procedure step-by-step put me at ease was so appreciated. I would recommend anyone to this office; they are top notch!

Grace Lilek

Dr. Kasper and staff are first class. The team of people and the technology utilized in this office is the best that I have experienced. This is the 3rd root canal I have had to endure in my life. This root canal was by far the best experience. From the office staff, "organizational/ scheduling", "Dr. Kasper and Staff" in the procedure room, follow up after appointments, nothing falls thru the cracks with this group. Recovery was very quick, pain was minimal. A first class group of professionals. If you need a root canal there is no other place to go. Thank you for your professionalism and first class job.


Dr. Kasper was recommended to me by my dentist. I was able to get an appt. quickly and to my surprise Dr. Kasper was able to work on my tooth right away, working on a 30+ year old tooth that had a root canal. I am so glad that I decided to drive over one hour from my home to have Dr. Kasper and his wonderful staff work on that tooth. Everyone was wonderful.

Marilyn Rieser

Dr.Bell was wonderful, explaining everything as he did the procedure and making me feel very comfortable. Would definitely recommend Modern Endo to anyone who needs a root canal.

Chris D

My dentist recommended Dr. Kasper for my root canal. I was a total wreck but the Dr. and his assistant were so calm and let me know everything that was going on that while wasn't the most fun that I have ever had, it was ALOT more pleasant than I imagined it would be.

Donna B.

My dentist recommended Dr. Kasper for the root canal I needed. My wife had previous experience with Dr. Kasper and recommended him as well. My procedure went extremely well with little discomfort and clear explanations of actions being taken. The post-op follow up demonstrated care for patient recovery. A very good root canal. experience. Thank you.

Tom Sheneman

I was referred to this office by my dentist. Immediately upon arrival I was put at ease. Dr. Kasper was my attending doctor and he brought me through the process step by step. I would highly recommended this dental practice

Dominic D

I received outstanding professional attention from Dr. Kasper. I appreciated his skill and the amount of time he spent taking care of my tooth problem. The follow-up call the day after my procedure, was truly appreciated.

Rudolph Skul

Dr. Kasper's Endodontic skills are absolutely outstanding. His entire staff is not only first-rate efficient in their specific duties but also maintain a very high level of (i)knowledge of specific patient issues; and(ii)personal caring for each patient. As importantly, Dr. Kaspers' focus, specific level of knowledge, caring and performance is very patient personal. Thank you. Thank you.

Gus J

I thought Dr. Kasper and his assistant Julia were great. Dr. Kasper's calm and pleasant demeanor helped alleviate the stress of having a root canal. He was also very attentive to my concerns. I actually fell asleep during the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper's services.

Katey Arnold

Dr. Bell saw me on an emergency basis, and solved the problem so that I could go on my vacation as planned! They make your visit as pleasant as possible and are always on time. They give clear directions for post care - and it is good to know what to expect and that you can call them at any time.

Elaine L

Dr. Bell was an absolute pleasure and extremely thorough. The staff are very welcoming and they play really good Motown and oldies!

Tamika Lewis

I was nervous, because I thought I would have to wait, but the office has this really cool policy of calling you if there is a cancellation. I actually got in, in just a few days, Diana at the front desk is great at explaining just what will happen and options for payment, in this day & age that's a big deal. Patti is also very efficient and knowledgeable. Dr.Kasper was great, he explained everything, he came highly recommended & I can see why. Wonderful follow up from the office as well, can't say enough good things about what a nice experience this turned out to be!

Kimberly E.

I absolutely love Dr. Bell!! I was in agony and in need of a root canal. After seeing him, I was feeling much better in no time!! He is so very kind, caring...simply the best! His staff is wonderful too. I would highly recommend him!! :)

Caryn Clemens

The most important thing regarding my dental health is expertise. I feel that Dr. Kasper is a specialist who does exactly what he says. I would recommend him highly and without hesitation.

Sean Wilson

Dr Kasper was empathetic and professional. Job well done! Dr Sam

Sam Martin, PhD

The words "root canal" can cause the bravest of us to have a moment of fear and anxiety. It was definitely one of my biggest fears, and I have conquered it with the expertise and skill of Dr. Bell. He was kind, gentle, and most professional in his approach. I felt he addressed my fears, took his time and was detailed in his explanation and illustration of the issues of my tooth. His office staff was extremely understanding and accommodating considering the amount of pain I was in at the time. I would highly recommend Modern Endodontics. It's the best experience you could ever have if you find yourself needing a root canal!

Zee O.

The word root canal always sounded absolutely terrible and painful. Not after Dr. Bell. No pain and eating and drinking within hours. The staff was great and I would recommend everyone to not put things off and go to Dr. Bell!

Michael Vaccarella

I have tremendous respect for our Dentist, Diane Klieber. When she recommended Modern Endodontics there was no hesitation. Dr. Bell was outstanding. No pain, great results. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Joe Berkemeyer

My experience being treated by Dr. Bell was great. He has a unique way of explaining each procedure clearly and concisely. The assistants and other support staff are great too, as is the facility. Oh, and they play great music!

Steve Zahradnik

Having had a couple of procedures elsewhere, I was very reluctant to have another root canal. My dentist insisted that I see Drs Kasper and Bell. The entire experience was positive, from the initial consultation to the treatment and follow up. State of the art equipment, pain free treatment, and a reassuring and comforting Dr. Kasper, especially when my cough (had thought it was gone) recurred and I had to sit up for a while during treatment. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of endodontics. Terrific staff.

Maureen OConnor

Modern Endo is exactly that..... modern! Latest technologies and top-notch care. Very organized, on-time, efficient, digital, etc. Most importantly, like any truly modern business, the professionals were personable, warm, and caring. Highly recommended.

Richard Harris

My elderly father was just treated by Dr. Bell and was very appreciative of the care that he received. The entire experience was a positive one thanks to the total professionalism and attention to detail from the staff. Their warm and caring attitude was outstanding and we will recommend Modern Endodontics to everyone.

Karen A.

Had a root canal done by Dr. Bell. He promised no pain and was true to his word. As dental procedures go, other than the amount of time it takes, this was about as easy as it gets. Dr. Bell and his staff are very caring and friendly.

Mike K.

Many thanks to Dr. Kasper for his expertise. His use of a high resolution microscope,awesome assistants and zero discomfort is spectacular.I highly recommend Modern Endo!!! Thanks so much foe your superior treatment!!

Dr.Robert Thomas

If you ever need a root canal done, this is the place to go. This is the most professional office I have ever been too. Dr. Bell was very thorough explaining the procedure to me and going over the X-rays to see the changes. The staff was very good and attentive. I would highly recommend this office.

Cynthia G

As a senior, I was very impressed with the ultra-modern techniques and equipment used by Dr Kasper. The screens in front of you are clearly explained. Pain management was amazing. Dr. Kasper and his staff are compassionate and detailed. I would highly recommend this Team.

Mary Ellen T.

I had the most positive dental experience one could imagine. Dr. Bell and the staff members were so kind, professional, and informative. I thoroughly learned what a root canal is and how to treat it. The education around the process eased any worries I had coming in for my first root canal. I came in in absolute pain and left feeling like a new person after both visits. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I almost fell asleep during both appointments. I give my whole experience my highest recommendation.

Megan K.

I am so thankful to my dentist for referring me to Modern Endodontics. Dr. Bell was a pleasure to work with, he walks you through every inch of the procedure; beginning, middle and end. Believe me when I say there is no pain, absolutely no pain ever, it is really amazing. I appreciated Dr. Bell's attention to detail, kindness, the lovely office staff and the great music they play overhead.......No elevator music for this office, just good old rock and roll! I highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone who is about to embark on the Root Canal journey, you will not be sorry.

Amy F.

Dr. Kasper thoroughly explained the procedure for my root canal as well as the possibility of a second appointment.His concentration throughout the process was amazing . His staff were also courteous and professional. THANK YOU

Gregory S

Root canals have come a long way. I saw Dr. Logan Bell and he was excellent. He explained the X-rays, procedure, and was attentive to any pain I might be having during the root canal, (there was none). This practice really has an excellent staff (front desk and assistants). Besides being an outstanding entodontist, Dr. Bell was very kind. I would highly recommend this practice.

Arlene Deets

This is one of the most modern, ethical, and practical places to go for these procedures. The doctor I was examined and treated by Dr Kasper. He is very positive and energetic, explains every step of the process, and did a great job. I've been to bad doctors and dentists, and you can tell the difference. A few hundred dollars (didn't compare, just saying) is well worth it to be operated on by an experienced, diligent, and competent doctor!

Dan K

Dr. Bell and his entire staff did an outstanding job with my root canal. They were punctual, professional, and followed through on all communication with me. The office is state of the art and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services. They were the BEST!!!

Pat Compobasso

I had to have a previous root canal redone, their staff is professional and efficient (and cute). I was recommended by my dentist (Ivan Valcarenghi) because of the state of the art facility and Dr. Kasper's ability. He was able to save the tooth without any pain or discomfort and explained what was needed to be done from start to finish. I hope I don't need his services again, but I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Ronald Cogswell

I was unfortunate to need to have a root canal, but I'm glad that i was referred to this office. The staff was awesome, Dr Kasper was knowledgeable about the infection i had in my tooth and how to treat it too. Since i was misdiagnosed in another office he and his staff got me in the same day and took care of me quickly. There was a great deal of pain because of the infection but once I left the office I was sure that I would be okay. 3 days later my tooth was feeling better, the gums around the tooth were healing, and I felt better than I had the week before I came to the office. I would recommend Dr Kasper to anyone in need of treatment for oral surgery!

Judy Shannon

High tech, efficient, and caring. This is about as close as you can get to enjoying a root canal. Not only was I treated with respect as a new patient, but the urgency of my toothache was addressed with immediate response, quick problem solving and prompt action. I am forever grateful! The entire office and team is really quite remarkable, competent, and attentive. Bravo!

Gina LaMantia

I just finished my second root canal in 7 years with Dr. Kasper. While I hope I never have to have another root canal in my lifetime, if I do, Dr. Kasper is the only person I would see. Period.

Steve C

My visit to Dr. Kasper's office was very pleasant. The staff was very kind and friendly and made me feel welcome in their office. Dr. Kasper and staff are courteous and professional from start to finish. I have had no issues with my tooth since he completed the procedure.I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Enes Malagic

The words "root canal" can put fear into the hearts of brave grown men. I was no exception to this feeling of dread. My visit to Dr. Kasper"s office was far removed from that feeling. His staff is friendly, his equipment is state-of-art in spotless, attractive surroundings and he couldn't be more assuring. He explained what he would be doing throughout the procedure and frequently asked how I was feeling. I felt NOTHING. Even after I returned home I had no pain. It truly was a good experience. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't want to repeat the experience again soon but if/when I need another "root canal" I'll go anywhere to have Dr. Kasper do it. Compassionate, caring and an expert in his field, he is the best!

Patt V

Here I was, late on a Friday afternoon and I was told by my dentist that I needed a root canal. I told my dentist that on previous root canals, the root was calcified. My dentist sent me to Dr. Kasper because he knew that the root could be found and treated. From the minute I walked in the door, I was treated very nicely and the Forms that needed to be prepared were easily completed by me using an iPad rather than filling in information that did not fit into the proper box. The root canal procedure went very well: both Dr. Kasper and my dentist were very pleased. If you have to have one, I would recommend have it done by Dr. Kasper.

Andy W.

My first root canal was in January and like others thought it was going to be the worst experience I have ever had. It wasn't bad but then I had to go for a retreat. This time I went to Dr. Kasper. He is great as he took the time to tell me about how he was going to go about doing the retreat. Like others it is easy to almost fall asleep. They have all the modern equipment. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be since it was the second time around. The staff is great. They are so nice which is what you want when they are the first you see and not thrilled with what you are going to have done. They had me on a wait list and they called me a few times but I wasn't able to go. I like the day after call to make sure things are fine. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper. The overall experience was painless throughout the procedure. Once again I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kasper. You will be glad that you picked him. Thank you so much Dr. Kasper!!!!!!!!!

Stacey F.

The world of endodontics has come a long way since my first experience with root canals in 1970. I think my most recent experience brings my total up to four procedures with Dr. Kasper and two others done at other practices. Speaking from experience I confidently say that the technology and treatments have really come a long way towards making the root canal experience more pleasant and effective. However, there still is no substitute for competence and caring hands when using high technology in the delivery of patient care. Modern Endodontics uses the best of technology to deliver the of the best of care...a first class operation from start to finish. I consider myself fortunate to have found this practice.


I have been very much satisfied with the overall treatment I have received from Dr. Bell and the rest of the staff at Modern Endodontics. From start to finish, all aspects of the procedure and associated administrative tasks have been handled with incredible detail and care. I appreciate the level of professionalism Dr. Bell, and the rest of the staff, have demonstrated. They have ensured that each step in the procedure has been thoroughly explained, and any questions on my end have been answered. I would strongly recommend Dr. Bell and Modern Endodontics.

Paul K

The Logan Bell Experience I was recently referred to Modern Endodontics for a root canal. The entire experience from the first phone to the final was fantastic. First, this truly is a MODERN practice. They have an electronic record. You can have email reminders to confirm your appointment. The equipment is most certainly state of the art—including a 3D scanner When I called one of the Front Desk staff (Patti, Kim, Diana) answered quickly and gave me all the information needed to manage expectations. She gave me an appointment with Dr. Logan Bell in a time that was convenient for me. She spent the time explaining billing and insurance so I would know what to expect. I had never been to an out of network provider before so it was most beneficial. She saved me so much time and frustration trying to figure out the insurance. I arrive at the designated time and was taken back within minutes. I had multiple appointments so I had multiple assistants (Bridget, Paige, Yadira, Angie) each of whom made me comfortable while I was getting settled in. Dr. Logan Bell the most amazing practitioner. He has a gentle chair side manner and put me at ease immediately. He patiently explains all that he will be doing. He is an expert with the Novocain. I had been in pain for days so it was such a relief to be pain free. I experienced NO discomfort throughout any of the procedures. There was one point when I gurgled a little saliva because I actually dozed off. I was just that relaxed. Looking at some of the other testimonials I see that I am not alone as one who falls asleep during root canals. Dr. Bell kept my primary dentist in the loop. I know that they discussed my case and did what was in my best interest. This was not my first root canal but it was unquestionably the best experience. I cannot imagine it could get better than this. I herald Dr. Logan Bell and all of the staff at Modern Endodontics as the best in all the land!

Linda Curgian

I was greeted in a friendly and professional manner. Time was given to explain my treatment and answer any questions. Dr. Bell performed a flawless procedure. Thank you!

Kathie T.

I recently saw Dr Kasper for an molar root canal. With childhood memories still unexpectedly fresh in my mind, I was expecting some mild to heavy pain. what I found was a very professional environment and a pain free experience. With this being needed prior to jaw surgery, I was pleasantly surpassed that there was no swelling or pain in the least. Thanks Dr Kasper

Kevin Palmquist

I,too, groaned when I learned I had an abscess that required a root canal. My main concern was that the dam would cover my entire mouth. I was so pleased when Dr. Kasper explained that it would only cover a portion of my mouth and that he would cut the excess rubber off "so I could breathe." It was far less scary than I thought it would be. He showed me the xrays, explained the procedure and was incredibly thorough and professional. In addition to receiving excellent care, handouts explained what to expect after the first and final procedure, with follow-up calls received to check in on me the next day. I would recommend Dr. Kasper to anyone.

Jan Reisch

From beginning to end, the service provided by Dr. Bell and the office staff was wonderful. I had a very painful tooth, and needed to move my appointment earlier. The front desk was very accommodating in arranging an earlier appointment. Once I was there, Dr. Bell explained exactly what he was going to do, stopping along the way to make sure I was comfortable. Everything he shared was accurate, and my tooth is now pain free!

Matt Scotty

My first and hopefully last root canal is now over. Big thanks to Dr. Kasper and staff. I am a "white knuckle" patient but he calmed all of my fears. I am detail oriented and very much appreciated Dr. Kasper's fastidious workmanship.

Jeff G

I FELL ASLEEP DURING MY ROOT CANAL. Is there anything more to say? Easiest, gentlest, most comfortable dental procedure I have ever undergone. Highly recommend to one and all.

Bari S

I FELL ASLEEP DURING MY ROOT CANAL. Is there anything more to say? Easiest, gentlest, most comfortable dental procedure I have ever undergone. Highly recommend to one and all.

Bari S

My experience with Dr Kasper and the entire Modern Endo team was outstanding. As an expectant mom, I was very concerned with having the root canal procedure. Dr Kasper and Team could not have been more knowledgeable and took every necessary precaution. It was very reassuring to know that I was in good hands. As for the procedure, it was super easy. Absolutley no discomfort before, during or after the appointment. My overall experience was top notch, from the initial questions and scheduling (Patti was outstanding), through the procedure, all the way to the follow up. I am not hoping for another root canal, but if I find myself in a position to need one, I will definitely be back!

Holly M

Dr. Kasper made things real simple. He was a pleasure to have as my dentist. walked me through everything that was about to happen and thorough in explaining the procedure.

Doug G

Recently I had a root canal performed by Dr. Bell. He not only has a great chair side manner but is incredibly thorough. Upfront, he explains (in detail) the process, costs and next steps so you know what to expect. During the procedure he lets you know what’s going to happen next so you are not wondering. He makes sure you don’t feel any pain and are comfortable in a difficult procedure. In my opinion, Dr. Bell is a very competent and professional Entomologist with a comforting personality whom I would highly recommend!

Jon L

Dr Kasper and his staff are amazing ! I had the best dental experience ,with no pain or discomfort. I highly recommend to anyone !

Daiva P.

Dr. Bell was terrific. I had a very difficult situation with my tooth but he was able to save it. He and his whole team were very caring and professional.

Ann W

I am extremely pleased with my total experience. Very professional and responsive.

Bill Hanen

Dr. Bell,
To sum up my root canal experience you are amazing and awesome!! As you know, I was very apprehensive but you made the entire procedure very comfortable from beginning to end! My pain level was next to none even after the first procedure and it is because of you and your expertise!! Thank you so much for all that you did to fix my tooth! I would recommend you to anyone!!!
You have a wonderful staff who have much compassion and kindness!!
Carol M.

I always thought root canals were painful. There was no pain at all during the procedure.

Ed Kucera

You would not expect a visit to an endodontics to be described as pleasant, but this was at each visit. I was greeted each time the by very friendly office staff, both knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Bell gave exceptional explanations from evaluation to x-ray, thru to the completion root canal. It was a practically painless procedure and experience. Happy to let you know you have a satisfied patient and will be spreading the good word. Thank you for taking time to care.

Peggy Kramer

Dr. Bell is very professional. Works efficiently and keeps you inform of what he is doing and where he is at in the procedure. He is concern for your comfort and explains the procedure and what he will be doing at the start of the root canal procedure. He checks is work with x-rays and really knows his profession. Assistance(s) are also professional in helping the patient feel comfortable. Great facility to have a root canal performed.

Don Nelson

Thank you so much to Dr. Kasper and staff for your help in relieving my pain. From the desk staff to the techs, the office staff was very kind, helpful and always smiling. Dr. Kasper was wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a procedure. He makes sure you are comfortable and that you know what is happening every step of the way. Thank you!

Rhiannon S.

Of course I was thinking that I truly MUST be the most nervous person in this world to get a cavity filled , let alone a root canal. However, much to my surprise and more importantly, my relief, I was referred to Dr. Kasper. After the initial visit, I knew I was in good hands with professionals who understood my fears, and answered questions thoroughly and respectfully. The staff was extremely accommodating. I am grateful!

Paula Thomas

I believe that the mere mention of having to have a root canal elicits groans from most people. I thank Dr. Kaspar for making a generally unpleasant procedure as pleasant as possible. He and his assistants are most professional. At all times, I felt very confident of Dr. Kasper's skills and competence.

Michele Thompson

Many thanks to Dr. Kasper and his wonderful staff. They got me in quickly, and were so nice and reassuring. Dr. Kasper was kind and explained everything in detail. I highly recommend this practice to anyone facing a root canal.

Stephanie H.

Dr. Bell and the staff at Modern Endodontics have made the root canal process a near painless 2-step procedure. Gone are the days where going to the dentist for a root canal put fear in the hearts of both men and women. The entire experience was positive from the get go. The completion of medical records online and email confirmations of appointments brings this practice well into the 21st century. Dr. Logan did a very nice job of explaining each step of the procedure so there were no surprises. Follow-up phone calls from the office verified that they really care about their customers. This was an A+ experience in my book.

Steven Horn

Thank you to Dr. Bell and his staff for an excellent experience during my root canal therapy. Dr. explained every step ahead of time and then what to expect after. Proof that one can be kind, compassionate and professional.

Nancy C.

After having root canals done by ... well .... people lacking skill, I can honestly say that Dr. Bell is one of the finest denists to have worked on my mouth. The only pain I had was from the injection. Although, he is quite skilled at administering it. I've already mentioned to the referring dentist and several friends about how good this guy is at his profession. He has a great bedside manner and keeps you informed of what is going on as well as treating his staff with respect (which they repay with professionalism and competence.). He also checks with the patient during the procedure to ensure that there isn't any pain that is untreated or situations which require the procedure to wait a moment while it is addressed. Very well done.

Joseph V.

This was the best dental experience I have had. Pain was minimal and my tooth was saved. Great job

John O'Connell

I am so grateful to Dr. Kasper and his staff for treating me with such warmth and friendliness in addition to being professional and educational. I couldn't be more satisfied with my whole experience in his office. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper. He got me out of pain and saved my tooth!!

Laura P

I want to thank Dr. Bell and his staff for their amazing work in completing my 14 year old daughter's root canal. You can imagine the apprehension both my daughter and I had going into the appointment. The reception team, dental assistants and Dr. Bell could not have been more wonderful. Dr. Bell took the time to explain with awesome visual aids exactly what was going to happen. He answered our many questions with high professionalism and compassionate, lay people language. He was at the ready when we had concerns between the 2 appointments and gladly examined my daughter in between the 2 office visits. He also graciously allowed me to stay in the treatment room during my daughter's treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Bell and his team.

Maureen C

Dr. Bell is very gifted in the art of root canal therapy! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

lisa l.

Everything about the root canal therapy was perfect. The office staff explained everything very well before the treatment. I was impressed with the equipment that was used for the procedure. Dr. Kasper was a calming influence as he explained everything to me. His assistants were competent. I appreciated being able to fill out the paperwork online. No detail was left to question. Follow up instructions were complete. I would recommend Dr. Kasper and this practice to friends. No pain involved. Should I need another in the future, I will return to this office again.

Carol P.

I can't say enough about Dr. Casper and his assistants . Everyone gave me such professional and caring attention, including the the girls in the front desk. I will be sure to refer his endodontic office to my family and friends.. The office is beautiful!

Pat Piunti

Thank you Dr. Bell & staff for the amazing job on my root canal. I have had a couple of root canals in past years but nothing like this experience. First of all you seen me the same day I called . I must admit I was not looking forward to it, but you all were very caring & compassionate. You made me feel very comfortable.The procedure was absolutely painless not only while I was there but in the following days ahead. I definitely would highly recommend Dr. Bell and his staff for treatment. Thank you again! Lynne N

Lynne N

Thank you, Dr Bell and staff, for the care that you showed me during my root canal procedure. Having never had a root canal before, I had no idea that it could have been as painless as it was. The entire experience - from registration through procedure - was done with the utmost professionalism and knowledge. I would definitely recommend you to friends and family!

Linda Kohut

My general dentist referred me to Dr. Bell for a root canal. I was very pleased with Dr. Bell, his dental assistant, and the front office staff. Everyone involved was highly professional and efficient and made the procedure both painless and educational. Dr. Bell explained the process before beginning and throughout the procedure. His analysis of the xrays made the entire procedure understandable and eliminated stress. The process was surprisingly painless, and Dr. Bell was very proficient. The office staff followed up the next day with a phone call to check on my condition. I recommend Dr. Bell and will return to him if I need any future endodontic procedures.

Michael Dusik

Dr. Kasper did a great job on a very difficult root canal. He has great chairside manner and the way he uses the microscope with his asisstant to find very small canals isremarkable. He is a true and caring professional!


I can't say enough good things about this practice. When I called for an appointment, there were no openings for a week. When I mentioned I was in pain, they made time for me. Patty was so helpful and explained everything I needed to do before my appointment. The ability to fill out all the forms online before getting to the office was great. No fumbling around for the information. Choosing the medicines from the list was great. When I mentioned that the anesthetic usually wears off during my dental procedures, Dr. Kasper used something more long acting. So glad he listened! He has such a calm manner. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep during a very long root canal! Finally, it was so cool to see what the procedure looked like from the pictures he took while performing the procedure. He was able to save a tooth that my other dentists thought might need to be pulled. I am so happy! I would recommend him to anyone!

Candi Suriano Grace

Dr. Kasper & Staff were terrific. Would highly recommend his practice to anyone in need of root canal. Hi tech equipment, a good sense of humor, easy paperwork for billing; made the procedure not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

John Lucas

My root canal experience with Dr. Kasper was by referral. The overall procedure was professional and well executed. Much better work than with prior dental service at other places. Will certainly return in the future if needed.

Bryan K

Thinking a root canal was to be at experience that I would not like, I found, Doctor Bell and his staff the most kind and caring. The atmosphere was pleasant, Doctor Bell explained the process, showed x-rays as to what was being done and the changes made. The procedure was absolutely painless and I was borderline a sleep. I highly recommended Doctor Bell and have already recommended one (not related to my wife business) and will do it again. Thank you guys for a great job done,it was a pleasure.

Kevin Blair

Thankful for a immediate, same day appointment from my general dentist to this office. Great office staff checking me in. Saw Dr. Bell & was PROVIDED WITH A GREAT EXPLAINATION of the procedure to be done. Exceptional compassionate care. Oh yes, a pain free root canal.

Virginia Shannon

From intake to check out, the process is smooth and the staff is very courteous. Dr. Logan Bell is very kind and empathetic in his bed side manner. He is meticulous in explaining the procedure and patient in answering questions. He made sure that I was comfortable during the entire procedure. I was very impressed by his professionalism.

Rani R.

I received my first root canal from Dr. Kasper. I was quite amazed with the treatment and advanced equipment used. I was informed by friends prior to procedure about the pain involved. I was surprised that I didn't have to take any additional medications after both sessions. The staff was quite friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend their services in the future.


I always hear horror stories about people's experiences with root canals and I can honestly say I almost fell asleep through the procedure. Dr made the experience comfortable and the state of the art equipment provided a timely and reliable dental procedure. My only complaint was the lengthy waiting time to see him. But I loved the online consents and online appointment confirmation. Thank you Dr Kasper!

Mary R

Dr. Bell reset a ten-year-old root canal gone bad from another dentist with some question as to whether the tooth could be saved. In a total of 4 visits over a period of 3 months Dr. Bell removed, medicated, replaced the root canal fill and sealed the tooth. On each visit I was promptly received and clearly advised as to what needed to be done, how long it would take and what would happen in each step. At present the tooth feels fine and works well, but because of its original condition the tooth needs to be watched in hope of many useful chewing years ahead.

Hugh Glenn

My regular dentist referred me to Dr. Kasper, after he was unable to freeze the the area surrounding the tooth. I have a huge phobia of dental procedures, especially the dreaded root canal. I built up the courage to call for an appointment, and was immediately put at ease by the receptionist I spoke with. She patiently answered my questions, reassured me that this was a problem that Dr. Kasper had dealt with successfully on other patients. All of the procedures were explained in advance, as were my payment options. Dr. Kasper and his assistant couldn't have been more patient with my anxiety. The procedure was much better than I expected. I would return to Dr. Kasper and would recommend him without hesitation.

Deb Scios

Dr Bell and his staff were total lifesavers. After being in extreme pain for days, Dr. Bell worked his magic and my tooth is like "new:" Never thought I would say that I enjoyed a root canal, but Dr. Bell made it seem like walk in the park. :)

Laurie Eichelman

I give Dr. Bell and his staff a grade of "A+" and if I could go higher I would. Dr. Bell and his staff provided exceptional care, it was a pain free experience.

Rochelle Cross

Had the best care ever! Was able to see me immediately to help me. Dr. Kasper and his staff are the best around. Thanks for your great care, compassion, and excellent care!

Judy Krause

My general dentist referred me to Dr. Kasper for a root canal. I was very pleased with Dr. Kasper, his dental assistants and the front office staff. Everyone involved was highly professional and efficient and made the experience as pleasant and stress free as a root canal can be. Dr. Kasper explained the process before beginning and throughout the procedure. The process was not painful. The office staff followed up the next day with a phone call to check on my condition. I recommend Dr. Kasper and will return to him if I need any future endodontic procedures.

Frank Van Vlierbergen

Dr. Kasper is by far the best in the business! I can not tell you how afraid of all dental professionals I am and he made it painless and enjoyable. I would and will come back when needed. Amazing doctor!


100% happy with the services of Dr. Kasper and staff. From start to finish the professional staff made an unpleasant procedure seem like nothing. I actually was able to sleep during my root canal. Dr Kasper is a perfectionist and makes sure his patients are comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper and his caring staff.


Dr. Bell did a fantastic job with my root canal. He took the time to explain everything beforehand. The procedure was virtually pain-free! Everyone in the office was professional and I would definitely recommend anyone to go there if they needed similar work done.

Kirk L.

I had a great experience being treated for a root canal by Dr. Bell. The office was very flexible and worked with me needing to be seen during my vacation from school. After telling the doctor about being enrolled in medical school he was great at explaining the procedure that I would be undergoing as well as stopping to detail the steps he was doing in my mouth as the appointment progressed. The staff at the office are all very friendly and thoughtful as well. As my first root canal, this was as easy as it could've been, and I would recommend this office to anyone!

Beth P

I was referred to Dr Bell for root canal. He did a great job of explaining what was going to happen, what was happening and what to expect. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an endo DDS.

Tony D

From start to finish, Dr Bell made me feel comfortable as he explained what he was doing every step of the way. I was impressed with their modern equipment and pleasant staff. I would recommend their services for anyone that requires a root canal.

Jim P



So, I'd rather see the gynecologist than have dental work but Dr. Bell and staff made my experience so completely painless! My dental condition was very touchy at best. Dr. Bell took his time while explaining all the details. Even though I am told that we are not completely out of the woods, after several lengthy appointments of wonderful care, Dr. Bell is very happy with the improvement thus far and this brings great relief to me. If he had not been able to clear up the infection in my tooth root area by removing an old root canal and inserting medications over many months, I may have needed the tooth along with a four tooth bridge removed and who knows what type of tooth replacement I may have required and at what the expense due to my limited insurance benefits. I have been very impressed with the skill and demeanor of Dr. Bell and his staff. Thanks for everything! See you in 6 months!

Dina Stone

I have nothing but good things to say. The caring, professional office staff made me feel comfortable and calm right off the bat. Dr. Kasper is a soft-spoken person who put me completely at ease immediately! All three visits went smoothly. The bonus was he saved my tooth and for that I am very grateful.

Bob Jascot

This dreaded procedure turned out to be almost painless.  I was in no discomfort at all during either of my two visits.  This Hi-Tech way of doing root canals is really great.  I have friends who have recently had old procedure root canals and told me how painful they were.  Mine wasn't and I attribute this to the way you folks do it.  So, with great relief, I say "Thanks"for a great and painless job. 

Ed C.

Over a year ago, my dentist told me that I needed to have my root canal re-done. My previous experience with the original root canal was awful and I just dreaded having to go through it again. It took me over a year to make the appointment with Dr. Kasper because I was in such a state of dread that I couldn't make the appointment. Finally, the pain and fear of losing the tooth caused me to call. I explained to the receptionist my problem, and she reassured me that this experience would be different. Upon meeting Dr. Kasper and the rest of his staff, I explained that in my previous experience the doctor forced a dam into my mouth, without explanation of what was happening, causing me to gasp and choke and panic. They took my feelings seriously and assured me that this procedure would be much different. It was! The placement of the dam was much more gentle, it didn't close off my airway and choke me. Dr. Kasper kept checking in with me during the procedure, asking if I needed a break. I was well taken care of and very relaxed during my procedure. My thanks to Dr. Kasper and his staff for making a potentially awful procedure much more relaxing!

Jan Weiland

With the root canal invisible, my dentist gave me little hope to save the tooth. He suggested to see the Modern Endodontics "experts" in Western Springs. The next day appointment and treatment was hardly what I expected. Having had several root canals done in the past, this one was different.The modern equipment with advanced technology and dr. Bell's skill made it one smooth running procedure. I was briefed on the phases of the treatment and shown pictures of the progress. In spite of my swollen face all went smoothly and without any pain discomfort. Within only a few days the swelling went away and it felt as nothing was amiss anymore. I admire the team work and an absolute skill of Dr. Bell and his nurse. They truly exelled. I wish them continued success and will pass this experience to my friends. Sincerely Frederick Tornil

Frederick Tornil

My regular dentist told me my tooth was calcified and he couldn't perform a root canal. From the moment I called Dr. Kasper's office to make an appointment, until I walked out the door a few days later I couldn't have been happier with the treatment I received. The entire staff was courteous and professional, and all of the equipment is state of the art. The microscope is amazing! So is the digital photographic equipment!

Jim Truax

Where do I start? Dr. Kasper and staff are outstanding! I came in with pain. Dr. Kasper was so patient as he dealt with me and my high gag reflex, which is NOT a fun thing. He and his staff truly made it a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper. You will NOT be disappointed!!

Becky Espinoza

Couldn't be happier. Dr. Bell and staff welcomed me in last minute on a saturday morning when I was in unbearable pain. They had me living life and pain free by later that day. The facilities are high tech. They know what they are doing. I wish Dr. Bell was my dentist for every dental need and not just root canal work. 5 stars.

Blake Merrell

I just had my first experience with Modern Endodontics and it was as good as could be asked for. The doctors are highly, highly competent, far above the norm and their equipment is also unsurpassed. They have an enormous microscope for looking into the tooth. This was my 7th root canal, and none of the other endodontists had this equipment. The equipment is so modern that the experience feels almost futuristic. I was also in intense pain when I cold-called them, and without a formal referral. They gave me an appointment only 3 hours after my phone call, so I did not have a miserable night, as I had dreaded. I have a friend who is a local dentist, and she has told me, "The root canals done by Modern Endodontics do not fail. Period." Other dentists and endodontists do sometimes do root canals that fail and I can attest to it after my 7 root canals, some of them being "redo's." : o ) Great experience; I could not recommend this office more highly.

Cheryl W

This was a painless and believe it or not a pleasant experience.  Dr. Bell is a exceptional dentist, with a great personality...I am glad my dentist recommended your office to me.   Thank You for the great care that was given to me.

Fran O

I am very impressed with Dr. Kasper and equipment office uses. I have a long history of one of my root canals, and a better care couldn't have been provided. Very knowledgeable Dr. Kasper showed me noting but dedication, care and professionalism. The cutting edge technology that doctors use, speak for itself. Not to forget the nicest staff that I have ever experienced. Will definitely recommend their practice to anyone!

Lolita R.

Fantastic service and professionalism. Took care of my problem immediately with no pain. So great to find a truly good service provider. ALMOST wish I needed more root canals.......... just kidding Love them Mike

Mike T.

Doctor and Staff excellent!! Thank you for helping me..

Janis Borek

As with all the other testimonials written, my experience was very positive. I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper for any dental work that needs to be done.

Mary S.

I forgot to mention the superstar reception staff, too. Patti is the BEST. :)

Katie M

I have had many dental procedures in the past, and I was very nervous before my root canal. Dr. Bell and his assistant were SO NICE and patient with me. They made sure I had time to numb all the way beforehand and explained every single step of the procedure to me before, during and after. I would recommend Modern Endo to ANYONE. Especially someone with anxiety, like me. It was as painless as possible. :)

Katie M

I AM a dentist, so my review of Modern Endodontics is from a little different perspective! My root canal appointment was a very positive experience. The office staff are friendly and efficient which made me feel very comfortable. I am impressed by the doctors’ use of the best technology which is far beyond what is "typical" of standard treatment. The dental microscope is awesome! It allows the endodontist to view and treat the inside of the tooth completely, making only the smallest opening necessary. I appreciated that Dr. Kasper provided a two stage treatment. My traumatically injured tooth really had the opportunity to settle down before he completed the procedure. And finally, it was so convenient to have the tooth restored in the office. I knew the tooth was well sealed, protecting it from re-infection. I was so fortunate to receive my treatment at Modern Endodontics. I now know why my patients are so happy to have their dental care provided by Dr.’s Kasper and Bell. I highly recommend their practice!


Dr. Bell is very professional. Works efficiently and keeps you inform of what he is doing and where he is at in the procedure. He is concern for your comfort and explains the procedure and what he will be doing at the start of the root canal procedure. He checks is work with x-rays and really knows his profession. Assistance(s) are also professional in helping the patient feel comfortable. Great facility to have a root canal performed.

Don Nelson

I was very pleased by my experience with Dr. Kasper. This was my first root canal and he made it a positive experience, which is pretty remarkable. I had no pain, and he explained the treatment to me clearly. He and his nurse were very friendly and made me comfortable. Thank you!

Anna Jones

Dr. Kasper and Dr. Bell are both the best at what they do. I have gone to other Dr's before but a few years ago when I went to Dr. Kasper for a root canal I was blown away at the difference in actually going to a good Dr. In the past month I actually needed to get two more root canals and Dr. Bell was amazing and very cautious of my pain and made me very comfortable! Then a week and half later I had to get another last minute root canal and Dr. Kasper as usual made me very comfortable with the process. They both make the horrifying experience of getting a root canal actually a pleasant experience. Also the whole staff is very friendly and very caring. Thank you to everyone at the office for making my last couple of visits a pleasant one!

Sean Segretto

After being treated by Dr. Kasper, I will never again use the expression "it was like getting a root canal." Dr. Kasper's "bedside manner" and relaxed approach was indeed refreshing. The procedure was on my mandibular molar all the way in the back of my mouth. That fact alone caused me anxiety because of the fear of gagging. Dr. Kasper efficiently and competently performed the root canal without the slightest bit of discomfort or anxiety on my part. His manner is very reassuring. A prior root canal was performed by a different Endodontist and was not nearly as comfortable to undergo. Without hesitation or equivocation I would recommend Dr. Kasper with a high level of confidence that the recommendation is well advised.


I was referred to Dr. Kasper by my general dentist. I have had several root canals and dental implants in the past, so I knew what to expect, but I have to say my experience far exceeded my expectations. First, the office staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the online paperwork makes the initial visit very easy. Dr. Kasper and his staff are extremely personable and professional. Dr. Kasper's state-of-the-art equipment and technique made a more complex root canal seem fairly simple. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper to anyone who requires an endodontist.

Allen Jezek

Dr. Kasper and his staff are awesome!! From the moment you walk in, everyone there makes sure you are comfortable. And everyone is quite knowledgeable about their job.

Margie Tucker

I would never think I'd be writing about a positive experience I had during a root canal. It is true...Dr. Kasper & his superb staff are phenomenal. The music provided by Dr.Kasper? Crazy good. Thanks Dr. Kasper & staff.

Lynn Szara

Dr. Bell is a ROCK STAR! (Dr. Kasper probably is too, based on the music on his iPod, but I didn't have the pleasure of his acquaintance.) Except for the cost, I would not balk at the news that I needed a root canal. I went through a root canal and the experience was simply awe inspiring . . . I got to watch the whole thing as Dr. Bell narrated filling in my brain blanks. WOW! Dr. Bell is very cool, Dr. Kasper's music is a good accompaniment and the staff are simply kind and competent. My first root canal was in 4th grade and, every time I was alone in the room, I cried and told myself I would never come back. The root canal world is VERY different now . . . very different, indeed. Thank you all. 8-) P.S. I know this is a glowing review. I promise I am NOT Dr. Bell's mom, just a very impressed patient . . .

mic cagney

Dr. Kasper is really very competent and professional. I am dental phobic, and recommend him highly. No fuss, no pain, just a long time in the chair.

Mary O'Connell

I recently had two root canals performed by Dr. Bell. He was recommended by my Dentist. I couldn't have been more impressed with his talent and professional and courteous approach. He genuinely cared about my condition and was able to deal with some issues that had gone unresolved for too long a time. His assistants were very congenial and helpful. I highly recommend him!

Andy M

You would not expect a visit to an endodontics to be described as pleasant, but this was at each visit. I was greeted each time the by very friendly office staff, both knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Bell gave exceptional explanations from evaluation to x-ray, thru to the completion root canal. It was a practically painless procedure and experience. Happy to let you know you have a satisfied patient and will be spreading the good word. Thank you for taking time to care.

Peggy Kramer

I was referred by my general dentist - and was very pleased and satisfied with the total experience. Dr. Bell and his team were so kind, attentive, explained the procedure, painless injections, etc etc!! I would be happy to refer anyone who needs a root canal to be treated here! Even the selection of music playing is really good. Thanks for helping me save my tooth and getting me out of pain. Priceless! :)

Nanci G

I am so glad that my general dentist recommended I see Dr. Kasper for a root canal procedure.  Dr. Kasper uses the most modern equipment in his practice.  He was able to find and treat a problem a previous endodontist had missed.  His office is very welcoming and friendly.  I found Dr. Kasper to be very kind and thorough.  He has done two procedures for me now.  I can't say I look forward to having root canal in the future, but knowing Dr. Kasper, I have confidence it will be a positive experience.  I highly recommend Dr. Kasper to anyone who needs an endodontist.  You will be pleasently surprised how comfortable you will be in his care.
Mrs. Susan Gualano

I recently had a root canal by Dr. Bell and if such a thing can be pleasent this was. Dr. Bell shares needed information and pictures so you know exactly what is being done and why. I will recommend him and I will be back whenever I need dental work.

Roger Rudin

I recently underwent my third root canal with Dr Kasper. Dr Kasper is a true professional his technique is superb and his concern is genuine. Painless compassionate and skill are rarely found in one person but this Doctor has them all. Thank you for your care.

James T McCreary MD

Thank you Dr. Bell for treating my root canal with such great care. Not only were you superb in your technique, but you were so thorough and thoughtful in your explanation of steps and procedures. I was a difficult case and in extreme pain - thank you for setting it all straight.

Lisa H

Dr. Bell is a refreshing dentist. His out look is wonderful. So up beat, seems as his greatest concern is your comfort and giving you supberb service. His assisants were wonderful, very courteous. That goes a long way for someone who's very, very nervous just at the mention of a dentist. Thank you Dr. Bell and staff.

Oleta B

Dr. Bell was extraordinary. I was in extreme pain due to a failed root canal that I got three years before by another dentist. Dr. Bell immediately addressed the pain and repaired my tooth. He is superb!

Maria B.

My experience at Dr. Bell's practice was excellent! Their office has very professional staff and incredible equipment. The word that comes up about Dr. Bell’s work: Flawless! He explained to me every step, kept me as comfortable as I can hope for, and after the procedure he let me know in advance what I may experience in the days after. His staff also gave me a courtesy call a day after to see how I was doing. I am very confident I will go back if I ever require any endodontic work in the future.


Staff and Dr Kaspar were very friendly and yet very professional. Dr.Kaspar explained root canal procedure in detail both before procedure and afterward. Only slight pain from the shot to numb my mouth. No pain or side effects after the procedure. Highly recommend Dr and his staff to anyone needing a root canal.

Jim Wilson

I promise I will put that 40 Year old Dr. somewhere between St. Peter and God.


Thanks again for the great experience, talent, and wonderful people at Modern Endodontics.



Dear Dr Kasper,
Thank you for the opportunity to create a testimonial about my experience at your office.After Dr. Cratin recommended you for the work I also consulted with Dr. Denemark who assured me you were the best. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful treatment by you and all your staff both in the office and on the phone.
As all your testimonials confirm, the work was painless, professional and well explained.The day after the final visit I flew to San Diego for three weeks in the sun and reluctantly returned on March 12th.I saw Dr. Cratin for a previously scheduled cleaning on the March 20th and he said the temporary  filling was still tight so that it could wait for the next available appointment on April 8th.Thanks again to you and your staff and I am telling every one I know about your practice.



Dr. Bell was great as was the staff. All the fear was taken away concerning my root canal, very professional service.

Jack I.

I was referred to Dr. Kasper for a root canal by my general dentist. This was not my first root canal; but it was, by all comparison, a pain free procedure. They even swabbed my mouth so the shots did not hurt! Dr. Kasper and his assistant were very friendly and explained everything as they went along. Afterward he reviewed photos he took during the procedure. Today being the day after, I am still pain free. Even though this practice is over an hour from my home I would go back again in a heartbeat. The front desk staff is super friendly, too! Really, it was a pleasant experience all around!

Gale Stroh

My experience with Dr Kasper and his staff was far beyond any expectations I might have had. The entire root canal treatment was pleasant and I left the office entirely pain free. I wish all dental procedures could be as pleasant as this one was. I have been telling all my friends this IS the practice to go to if you need a root canal.


I will be the first to admit I have a fear of any and all dental work. After explaining my general fear and desire for full transparency on what would be done, Dr. Bell made it an extremely pleasant experience. He was really informative, patient and almost painless (let's be honest, Novocaine shots don't feel good). I can even say it was such a good experience, that I almost fell asleep during one of my root canals. I would recommend this practice to any and everyone that needs work done.


I was referred to Modern Endodontics for a root canal procedure. Dr. Kasper was wonderful! His staff and assistants are kind, professional, and very accommodating. The procedure was essentially painless- nothing like the horror stories you will hear from others. Dr. Kasper took the time to explain everything, including what to expect as I healed. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Kasper for any endodontic needs.

Jennifer Griffith

I was sent to Dr. Bell by the dentist for a root canal. He and all his staff was great. Dr. Bell took time to explain everything to me and made me feel very comfortable. I also liked that they called to make sure everything was ok with my procedure. Thank you!

Donna Scavone

My regular dentist, Dr. Daniels, referred me to this practice when I needed a root canal procedure. Dr. Bell was great. He went through great length to explain and show me the problem using the advanced equipment they use in the practice. He made sure I had all my questions answered. A week before I was to have the second half of my root canal work done,I experienced pain in another tooth and neeeded a second root canal. After examining me, Dr. Logan took care of the second tooth first and re-scheduled finishing the first root canal. Friends and family were very surpirsed that I did not experience any pain during or after my root canal work. I did not even require any pain medication after any of my root canal procedures. I would highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone needing any root canal procedure.

Jose de la Torre

For once I made a right medical choice and it was pure luck that I found Dr. Kasper. I needed an endodontist in a hurry due to a tooth abscess. Dr. Kasper’s futuristic equipment and knowhow honed right in on the problem that was created by my dentist missing 2 canals in a previous root canal procedure. Dr. Kasper is also very thorough in his explanation both before and after the procedure with photographs that helped me understand the process better.

John Harrington

If you need and endodontist this is the only place to go! I have been on 2 separate occasions several years apart for root canal therapy. Both Dr. Kasper and Dr. Bell are highly skilled professionals who instill confidence and put you at ease. The staff is caring, thoughtful and professional. You know you are in good hands from the minute you walk in. Thank you all!

Sharon D.

I was referred to Dr.Kasper for a root canal by my dentist. I was able to get a same day appointment. Dr. Kasper and his staff were very nice. He showed me my x-rays and explained everything. He assured me there would be no pain during the procedure and stopped to explain things he thought I might find upsetting during the procedure. I did not require any pain medication afterward. Dr. Kasper and his staff try hard to make a root canal a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper.

Veronica D.

Dr.Kasper and his staff are just wonderful!!! If having a root canal can be relaxing, this was it!! They make you feel completely at ease ,the whole process was virtually painless ..I could of easily fallen asleep while getting my RCT done. They were very accommodating working me into the schedule...thank you very much...I will gladly refer friends and family to your office!!

Sandy Millsap

I was very nervous but Dr Bell was great. He explained everything and was gentle and kind. I'm very glad to have been referred to him.

aimee sheehan

Dr. James Ridlen referred me to this practice. I had a root canal performed on an upper left tooth with many strange canals. Dr. Bell was so helpful in explaining each procedure on what was going to be done. He puts your mind at ease. I felt very comfortable in the chair. Dr. Bell shows you the x-rays and helps you understand the process. He makes sure you have no pain. I had a very comfortable experience with Dr. Bell. His assistants were most helpful during the procedure too. The front office administrators were terrific as well setting up appointments and conducting follow-up calls to see how your doing. Dr. Bell is definitely an asset to Dr. Kasper's practice. I would highly recommend Dr. Bell to my family and friends for a root canal procedure.

Tommy Begg - Director of Security Life Safety - AON Center

Dr. Kasper and his staff are exceptional professionals. I just finished the second and final visit to his office for a root canal. It was the first time I have ever had one, and I was thoroughly impressed with everything and everyone in the office. I would totally recommend Dr. Kasper to anyone needing a root canal. Everyone on the staff and Dr. Kasper deserve an A+.

Paul J

I can't say enough about the efforts Dr. Kasper and his team make in order to create as comfortable an experience as possible. You quickly forget that your in a dentist's office!! Everything from the initial patient registration through the actual procedure to the follow-up afterwards was all first class.

Dave Hyland

Your dental expertise was excellent and the results quite satisfactory. I was impressed both by your professionalism and your office manner. Thank you.

Jim Reapsome

The entire process was efficient and friendly. Dr. kasper did a gret job.

Jayant Radhakrishnan

I really thank Dr. Kasper and his assistants for the excellent dental work that was provided to me. I had to have a root canal performed on my mouth , and I was so terrified because I have always been afraid of the dentist, but Dr.Kasper and his staff made me feel very comfortable and confident in allowing them to work on my mouth. I hope I don't have to ever have surgery on my mouth again, but just in case I do Dr. Kasper and his team will definitely be who I call on. Sincerely, Florida jackson

Florida Jackson

Well, no more jokes from me comparing any unpleasant experience to a root canal....although I dreaded this visit it was, as everyone writes, completely painless. It's day two and I'm still feeling fine. I have not taken any Ibuprofen beyond the three tablets given to me just prior to the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper, not only because he is highly competent doctor, but because he truly put me at ease, along with his very helpful staff. St. John of the Cross Parish School can be most proud of one of their star graduates! I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. My dentist was certainly right on target with his recommendation to see Drs. Kasper or Bell!

Diane Sellinger

This was my second experience in Dr Kasper's chair in 5 or 6 years. Both visits were literally painless. If I ever need more endodontic care I will come to Dr Kasper. I praise the staff as much as the Dr. Every person I encountered was as expert and caring as the Dr.

Richard Ewing

Dear Dr. Bell and staff, Thank you for the recent two treatments of my tooth. I was very satisfied with the result. No more awful pain in the area. And I was able to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner. You eased my anxiety with your easy-to-understand explanation during the procedure. Thank you for such a great professionalism!

Y. Hadac

I fell into good hands when I needed an emergency root canal late on a Friday afternoon. I have waited longer for scheduled appointments in other places. Dr. Kasper got me out of there in an hour. He walked me through everything he was doing and made me very comfortable about the whole procedure. Very professional and pleasant staff. Beautiful office and, yes, good music!

Kathleen M.

I had root canal a couple of months ago on tooth #2, which is the molar all the way in the back of the mouth. It was my first root canal experience and I was apprehensive about the procedure (I'm not a good dental patient) and the pain, while I have a decent pain threshold, I was concerned because a lot of people have told me that its the worst pain they ever had. I decided to have the procedure when I wasn't having a flair up and my base line pain was tolerable. 
Never felt a thing, no pain at all, none. Then office is beautiful, modern and clean. The music playing was superb, very heavy on Bob Dylan songs, about 50/50 by Dylan and the rest, covers. I was almost upset that it was over so quickly as we had just got into a string of excellent songs, but I had to go to work anyway and dental procedures are expensive so, I had to leave. All kidding aside, I hope to never need a root canal or dental surgery again, but if I do, Dr. Kasper is the one for me, I highly recommend him. 
Stephan U.

My recent visits to Dr. Kasper's office was pain-free and pleasure-filled. The warm, compassionate staff members and the friendly confidence of Dr. Kasper immediately put me in my comfort zone. All this, plus the awesome up-to-the-minute technology, makes it easy to highly recommend Dr. Kasper and the Modern Endo staff at every opportunity.

Pat L.

I'm 81 years old and it's been a long time since I had a root canal. The experience was quick and painless. Dr. Kasper explained the procedure and staff was helpful in making me feel comfortable.The electronics showed all the detail. I was very pleasedwith the visit.

Don Baumgart

Thank you Dr. Kasper and your excellent staff for the care I received at your office. This was my 2nd experience at your office and I never want to go to another endodontist, because, I'm sure, no one can compare to you. Your office staff answers the calls with "a smile on their face", which, to me, signifies a wonderful and compassionate staff. Having worked in health care as my career, I am very atuned to medical/dental staff members. In my opinion, I'm not a very good dental patient because I can become very anxious. I listened to your music and found myself tapping to the beat...that's how relaxed I was. Thank you for making my endo appointments pleasant encounters.

Eileen D.

Everyone at Modern Endo are caring, professional and excellent in what they do. Dr. Kasper is very gentle and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Being in the healthcare field, I recognize good care and they offer outstanding care!

Judy Henriksen

I was very pleased with the friendly, yet professional attitude of Dr. Bell and his whole staff.The front office people were very accommodating to my needs and schedule.I felt very comfortable with Dr. Bell and his assistants.Dr. Bell took all the time I needed to explain his procedures and listen to my concerns. If I ever need a root canal again, I will come to see Dr. Bell. 

Geraldine V.

I was referred to Dr. Kasper by my dentist Dr. Michael Morgan, whom I trust implicitly. I found Dr. Kasper to be extremely professional.  He works quickly and explains the procedure throughly before he starts and every step along the way.  AND allpainlessly - I actually dozed off, really, I woke myself with a snore more like snort. Dr. Kasper's staff, with whom I interacted, was very caring professional and helpful.   Everything was explained clearly and post operative care sheets were given to me each time I visited his office.

If you need an Endodontist I can unequivocally recommend Dr. Kasper.  Oh also, my sister used him in the past and had a like experience she sang his praises before I met him and she trusts him completely as well.
Terry T.

Dr. Kasper
Thank you for taking care of my painful situation on an emergent basis. You have a very impressive and efficient practice. Your staff is very friendly putting me at ease. I had significant pain relief after several hours allowing me to continue with my work. Thank you again. 
Blake H.

To those who care:
I had a positive experience during my Root Canal Extraction last night.  The office staff did an excellent job of containing my fear of pain.  The requisite paperwork was completed in short order.  Both Dr. Kasper and his assistant made me feel at ease during the procedure.  I felt so relaxed toward the end of the procedure that I actually fell asleep!  I experienced some slight discomfort last evening.  I do not feel any residual pain today!
Great job!
Jim Mallon

Dr. Kasper and his staff are absolutely excellent. Everyone is friendly and Dr. Kapser's work is so modern and efficient. He is a great person to have such procedures done. He really makes a patient feel at ease. Great person and great staff.

Diane C

Dr. Kasper and his staff were extremely friendly and efficient. The root canal I had done was not painful at all. Dr. Kasper explained the entire procedure and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. He was very gentle and definitely would recommend his expertise to anyone who may need it. Overall, I am unbelievably satisfied and have been telling everyone I know how great of a job Dr. Kasper and his staff did.


Angelica Valentin

From the very beginning I found the staff to be very friendly and professional, making me feel very confortable. I had come to see Dr. Kasper for a root canal. He was excellent in his attitude and approach, and very skillful in his work. When he completed the work, he injected a bit of humor. He reminded me that what he was going to tell me might sadden me, but I did not have to return to see him. Well done! Thank you.

Rev. Luther J Bajus

Our son Trevor became a patient of Dr Kasper's after a horrible accident that ripped his three top front teeth out of his mouth.  Dr. Kasper was a Godsend! He was so great with him. He related to our scared 10 year old boy and explained every step of what he was going to do to help him each time we met with him.  Dr Kasper always knew exactly what to say to Trevor to ease his mind. We could not have made a better choice and we were lucky to find him.
Thank you for all you did for Trevor!

Tim and Suzanne Kucera

Trevor Kucera

Let me start off and say I was a very nervous patient...Dr. Bell and his staff were awesome!!! They made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Bell explained everything to me and made it as painless as possible. The staff was very friendly, got me in right away and took very good care of me. Thank you very much for all your help and support. If I or anyone else needs a root canal Dr. Bell would be the one to go see!!

Diana Stout

Dear Dr. Kasper,
Thanks you for the excellent care I received during my recent procedure (root canal).  There was very little pain involved, and the friendly manner in which both you and your staff treated me was appreciated.  If I need and endodontist in the future you will be my first choice.
Hal Miller

My experience with Modern Endodontics was very professional, and seamless.

From the front desk staff, to the dental assistants, to Dr. Kasper, every step was
handled beyond my expectations.
Dr. Kasper does a very good job of explaining the procedure(s) beforehand, as well
as while he is performing the work.
I would recommend Modern Endodontics to anyone looking for the highest quality
work, and experience.
Robert Murphy

I recently had to have a root canal at Modern Endodontics. What an experience. The staff was incredible. The equipment is "State of ther Art". The facility is spot-less!
I was in and out of there in under an hour which I liked.
Dr. Edward is very concerned with having the best staff as well as the best equipment. WOW. Great job. And I hate getting drilled on....
Have a Great Day!
Jay Mooncotch

I truly appreciate the care from beginning to end with my root canal procedure. I am grateful to find such a thoughtful team during a bad time. The kindness and knowledge combined is a rare find. I would recommend Dr. Kasper and this wonderful office a million times over. Sincerely grateful.

Christine Lewis

Thank you for your excellent work on my errant molar. Although root canal elimination is not my favorite thing, the procedure and follow-up made bearable the discomfort I had before the problem was solved.
The professional and friendly attentiveness of your office gave me confidence before and during the procedure.
I can now enjoy eating a delicious steak!  
Bruce Geisert

I recently had my first root canal at age 66 and I wasn't looking forward to it. Fortunately I had no pain with the tooth. This is state of the art dentistry. Rock music, vivid colors, fantastic surgical microscope, real-time x-rays, simple explanation of what was going to happen, and a smile all the time. Yes, I had pain, but only for the initial lidocaine injection. After that, a little noise, but that was it. I've never had a dental dam before and that was fantastic. No more drainage down the throat! No more rinsing and rinsing and rinsing. It keeps the whole mouth cleaner for the procedure. Even the smell was gone. The little block to hold my mouth open took a few minutes to get used to, but it was also a welcome attraction and added to the overall good experience. I have severe back pain and never look forward to doctor's and dentist's chairs. This was the first and only chair I've been comfortable in. This is a real perk for me as I usually can't stay in the chair without stopping the procedure and getting up; not so with this equipment. Unfortunately, the tooth became infected after the root canal, but Dr. Kasper quickly returned my call on a Sunday morning and called in an Rx that took care of things. Be sure and take all the pills; don't stop when the infection seems to have gone away. Don't want a relapse. This isn't painless dentistry, but very close. All the other creature comforts are there though. I will not hesitate to call upon Dr. Kasper again if needed.

Dennis Finegan

Excellent experience.  Dr. Kasper executed the procedure in a professional manner. No subsequent problems.  His staff is friendly, efficient and professional.  It was obvious that they really care about their patients

John Ryan

My experience with Dr. Kasper and staff was very positive. They were friendly and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr.Kasper to family and friends for special dental work. 

Deborah Spengler

I just finished my root canal yesterday and wanted to thank Dr. Kasper and his staff for their kind care and professionalisn in taking care of my pain.  Dr. Kasper was very kind and explained everything he was going to do for my root canal.  The staff was also very kind and did not treat me like a stranger but someone they genuinely cared about.  Your office has a very calming atmosphere and made me very comfortable.  I would recommed everyone I know to have a root canal done at your office.  It only took 2 visits and I was done, which I was very surprised at.  Again I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and concern during my care.
Jackie C.

I am grateful to Dr. Kasper and his gracious and competent staff for the excellent service to me. They explained and showed me with computer assistance what they were doing, what to expect, and showed me again what was done. They were very thorough in keeping me informed. The physical environment at the office was very hospitable and comfortable. I highly recommend this team for having a root canal.
Sister Mary Therese Johnson, OP

Dr. Kasper and staff, Thank you for caring for Adam. His experience was totally painless. I appreciate you getting him in promptly and following up on his care. As always you guys are great. Thanks again

Nancy Misiewicz

My experience with my two visits to Dr Kasper's office was excellent & very rewarding. His staff was very efficient & cordial. I was impressed with Dr Kasper's dexterity & being a "painless" endodontist. It was the first time that I had a doctor in the dental field use an operating microscope which considerably improves the accuracy of the procedure. The results of the root canal  procedure Dr Kasper performed on me were excellent. I highly recommend him.

Tawfik G, MD

I want you all to know what a pleasant experience I had having my procedure done at your office.  No one looks forward to a root canal, but there was almost no stress once I met all of you who took care of me.

The office is beautiful, very convenient and all those I met were friendly and warm.  I especially enjoyed Kim and Patti.  Kim and I had such a good time talking that I’m surprised you had a chance to do the root canal.
I want to wish all of you the very best in the future.  I’d love to see you all again, but for a different reason.
Keep up the good work and God Bless.


Betty Pennington

I would like to comment on the treatment that I received at ME for a repaired root canal.  Both visits went extremely well.  I had no pain or discomfort during or following each office visit.  Dr Kasper was very efficient in repairing two old silver points in tooth roots.  The repair went perfectly.  I am very impressed with the whole office staff.  They are very friendly and efficient.  I would highly recommend ME for this type of procedure.

Renny Norman

The staff were friendly and competent. The online registration eliminated waiting time and I was soon in one of the very modern high tech and clean dental offices. The dental hygienist began immediately taking care of pre-doctor tasks, ex-rays etc. and reconfirming important patient information. 
When Dr. Kasper began his work I found it comforting that he explained what was happening at each step of the procedure. During pauses he showed me on a wide screen detailed ex-rays and explained thoroughly what had occurred and what yet needed to be done.
The entire experience was most positive. I felt confident that I was being cared for by professionals who were competent and had my best interests in mind. 

Sr. Patricia

Dr Kasper performed a root canal procedure that required two office visits.  The first was the most difficult and the second was better.
The staff played a very important important role. They complimented Dr Kasper's bedside manner, very friendly and carried on meaningful dialogue while waiting for the procedure to begin.  They even greeted me by name when I arrived.  This turned a very emotional event into an event that could be handled.

Dr Kasper is young, personable and does his job well. I am 66 years old and it is refreshing to see a nice young doctor that has both heart and talent.

Bottom line is that I would most definitely recommend Dr Kasper and his staff.


Robert Feistel

I Love Love Love Dr Kasper and his staff!

Kathy Giacalone

To Dr. Ed and staff:

Thank you again for the marvelous and speedy treatment.  In these days of waiting three months just to get your teeth cleaned, getting a root canal done on only one day's notice is amazing - and to have it over with in less than two hours is simply incredible.  This is the way all dentistry should be!


George Bullwinkel

Dear Dr. Kasper and Staff,

I had such a wonderful experience at your office!  You were all so professional, positive and concerned.

Your office is very high-tech and efficient.  It was a pleasure being in your care.  I will certainly pass on
to Dr. Sum, my family dentist, that I was very pleased with his referral. 
Thank you all for being there for me.  Enjoy the summer months ahead.
Jan McDonagh

I recently finished my  root canal treatment with Dr. Kasper, and this was also the first time I ever had one. All of my concerns were addressed and Dr. Kasper and the staff made the process painless . Thank you again for helping me and I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs similar treatment.
John Wash

In the near term, I will be completing seven decades of life. In that time, due to my own negligence, I have experienced many tooth drillings, grindings, extractions, root canals, and installed bridgework. To wit, I have had two endodontic procedures (root canals) in the past three weeks.

At the end of a Super Bowl game, you never hear the winning quarterback shout, “I’m going to the endodontist!” So, then why am I writing this note?
In my experience, the technological changes that have occurred in the field of dentistry have paralleled those in other fields of endeavor. I, like many others, when told of the need for a root canal, envisioned something like that depicted in Little Shop of Horrors.
I am please to share, with all interested parties, that my recent experiences at Modern Endodontics were quite the opposite as those anticipated. In my second recent procedure, I was so comfortable and relaxed that I put on my earphones, turned on my iPod, and proceeded to fall asleep in the chair. When I awoke, the procedure was finished, I had missed two chapters of the book I was listening to, and I couldn’t believe I had experienced a dreaded “Root Canal”
I would like to extend my thanks to Dr. Kasper and the entire staff at Modern Endodontics for their kind and professional treatment.
Larry Shell

Dear Dr. Kasper,

My experience at Modern Endodontics was outstanding.   The scheduling, treatments and assistance by you and your staff certainly made the best of an initially bad situation for me going into it.   I would highly recommend Modern Endodontics.
Thank you.
Charles Zaher

I was refered to Modern Endodontics by my dentist. A 20 year old root canal had gotten infected. Dr. Kasper and the team took me on short notice and not only solved the problem but took the time to explain the procedures to me. I was very impressed.


John Bugner

I have had several procedures performed by Dr. Kasper and all have been wonderful. I just wish that I would have known about his services sooner I may have been able to save my first tooth. Every procedure was pain free. I think I may even have dozed off at the last visit while getting my root canal!!

Kathy Kristof

I would like to say that I have enjoyed every visit to your facility. The office staff is very friendly and co-operative and the dental assistants are very kind, friendly and make you feel comfortable.  Dr. Kasper is a caring, knowledgeable person that takes the time to explain all steps of the procedure and condition that he is treating.  He is very accurate and thorough and makes sure that you are understanding of your personal condition before you leave the office.  I like the follow-up phone calls from the staff with their personal touch to show they care.  I highly recommend this practice to friends and family! Five Stars!!!  

Charlie M.

Hello to all of you who are wondering about Modern Endodontics!  I was not sure when I first went to see them, but I am very pleased with what I experienced.  The doctor is awesome and went through the process step by step for me before anything happened and was extremely professional!  The work was painless and they are getting my mouth back in shape.  The secretaries were great and very courteous and the assistants were the best.  If you have to have this kind of work done on your teeth, these people are the best!
Brett Nelson

Although I was nervous about my first root canal, the staff at Modern Endodontics put me at ease and addressed any questions or concerns in a professional manner.  Dr. Kasper and his assistants explained each step of the procedure and did their best to make it as painless as possible.  I would recommend Modern Endodontics to friends and family.
Jennifer H.

Dear Dr. Kasper and office,

We are very happy clients.  Unfortunately our family does not have the greatest teeth.  So, three of our family members have been patients of Dr. Kasper's office.  We can't say enough about the pleasant staff, clean facilities and professional doctors.  A root canal is not exactly pleasurable, but we have been very pleased to be in such great hands.  AND the office is so clean and modern that I even stole the office color scheme for my own house! 

Ophelia Barsketis

As one who finds dental work rather discomforting, I will say that my
experience with Dr. Kasper was truly great.  Everyone from the front
desk to the Doctor was friendly, and made me feel relaxed.  Dr. Kasper
took time to explain everything he was going to do, and what he did. 
While I certainly hope I will not need these services again, I would not
hesitate to use them should the need arise.  Bottom line - an unpleasant
experience made far more pleasant.


William Ruting

The expertise at Modern Endodontics shown by Dr. Kasper and his staff is great.  It was evident they all were putting a great amount of effort into ensuring the comfort and success of my treatment.  I truly appreciated the use of modern technology.  It was a relaxing and comfortable experience.
Patricia Zampa

I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper and his cheerful, knowledgeable and helpful staff at Modern Endodontics. For those of you who are like me and are highly sensitive and sometimes allergic to dental materials and procedures, Dr. Kasper provides many alternatives to make the dental procedure as safe and as comfortable as possible. This is a relief for many of us with sensitivities

Susan D. Emmerich, Ph.D.

I was referred to Dr. Kasper by my regular dentist. I needed a root canal and my dentist said he would prefer for Dr. Kasper to do the procedure because Dr. Kasper had more experience in this procedure than he did and had high tech equipment. I get very nervous when it comes to the dentist. I do not like going to the dentist. I got to Dr. Kasper's office and everyone was genuinely nice. I expressed my anxiety to Dr. Kapser's assistant and she sat and talked with me and I became more relaxed. When Dr. Kasper came in, he explained every single step he was going to take during my procedure. This made me feel better about having a root canal done. I was very impressed with the technology they have. They took pictures and x-rays of my tooth and I was able to see them right away on the computer screen that sat beside me. I've had 2 root canals done before and this was the first time everything was explained to me and I actually got to see what was done to my tooth. When I went back for my 2nd visit, I was not nervous at all. I actually went home and told my husband that I will go to nobody else but Dr. Kasper for any major dental work. The entire staff made me feel comfortable and it means a lot to me when I can go to the dentist and not have anxiety when I get there.

Julie McDermott

Dr. Kasper,

You and your staff made my office visit as comfortable as possible.  Everyone was friendly and interested in my comfort.  Through the explanation of the procedure , I was more relaxed and less apprehensive.


Jane W.

I've always heard horror stories about root canals... the excrutiating pain, taking forever to heal, the headaches, migraines, and swelling.  I can honestly say I didn't experience any of those symptoms when I had two root canals performed by Dr. Kasper and his wonderful associates.  When I went back to my office a few hours after each procedure was evidence enough to prove his commitment to making his patient feel comfortable and pain-free.  I couldn't ask for a better endodontist than Dr. Kasper and a staff that is friendly and supportive.
Adrienne Jablonowski

Endodontics is not fun!  But, both Dr. Kasper and the staff make the visits very comfortable.  It's just like a visit with good friends...there is genuine friendliness and expressions of care in everone's conversations.  And the performance of services is of the highest caliber.  Everything is explained in full and in an easy-to-understand format - with pictures! 
In my opinion, this is the only place to come for endodontic work.
Mary Vitell

 I just want to send a quick note to tell you about the service I had on my 2 visits to your office for a molar retreatment.  The staff was polite, my scheduled appointment was on time, or close to it.

They went over the paperwork/procedure accurately and gave me a breath of confidence that I was not being "steered" in the wrong direction.
It only took 2 visits to complete the procedure (and it didn't even hurt-but no lollie pop).

Overall, I would recommend this dental facility to anyone needing friendly service.  The waiting room music was good too!!

Thanks. I give it  "2 Molars up"


Brian Krystyn

I was very pleased with your quick service to my very bad tooth.  Thank you again for taking me so fast.

Jane Kasal

Dear Dr. Kasper,

Just a quick note to thank you and your staff at Modern Endodontics for a successful root canal procedure. From the moment I met Patti at the front desk, where she explained the billing procedures and insurance issues, to her excellent photography skills, she stayed in touch with me thru the whole procedure. Having a root canal is probably a persons (me) least favorite procedure. From the moment I met Camille and Kim, they made the process as painless and natural as possible. Kim was my primary hand holder and she did an excellent job. Camille always made a point to visit and settle me down. I could not have asked for a more competent and efficient pair. Oh, by the way you did an excellent job. The tooth (31) is fine and I hope never to see you again in a professional manor.

Again, thanks to you and all your staff for making a potentially uncomfortable situation as pleasant as possible.

Thomas H. McSherry

I recently had a root canal that had gone bad and I was feeling very ill before being referred to Dr. Kasper.  I can't begin to tell you about an experience that normally is very uncomfortable and scary was handled in such a kind, professional, and caring way.  The knowledge of Dr. Kasper and his staff gave me new confidence about the importance of having a professional endodontist perform a root canal.

I thank Dr. Kasper and his kind and very knowledgeable staff for making my experience one that I will not not dread, should the unforeseen occur again.

Thank you.


Sandra Marshall

What can I say...the staff was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and affable.  They put me totally at ease; I actually dozed off during the procedure.

George Geotsalitis

Hi I recieved a root canal in December. I'm sorry I haven't gotten to you sooner. My experience was great and I was getting a root canal!!!! What does that tell you?  Yaya was great and so was Doc Kasper. The girl that gave me the appointment, Kim, was AWESOME! She was very professional, very helpful and really good at explaining the procedure. She couldn't get me in so she put me on a list in case someone should cancel and someone did! You are very lucky to have her working for you. I believe she is the office manager. Thank you again for a great experience when it wasn't a pretty procedure. And the tunes were great! That is very important to me!!!!
Maureen Hayes

My treatment for cracked tooth syndrome was a root canal. I have to say that the process was unexpectedly painless. The worst "pain" was just having to have my mouth wide open for an hour or so. But, everything went as explained. The outcome was great.

The staff was cheerful & helpful when it came to processing my insurance and payments.

I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a root canal.

Thank you to the entire office for making a normally unpleasant experience, pleasant.

Christine Steichmann

I was very pleased with the friendly and helpful staff. They go above and beyond. I especially like the way every step is explained before, during, and after the procedure by the doctor.  The phone calls post op are a nice touch as well. Despite what people say about root canals, this was a very relaxing experience.

Ray Wasz

My experience with Dr. Kasper and his staff was excellent. Dr. Kasper performed treatment and restoration of an existing root canal. The existing root canal was done by another doctor and had become infected. Dr. Kasper uses state of the art techniques and equipment and explains everything from start to finish. His staff members were all very helpful and showed genuine concern and care for the patient.

Robert G.

I received outstanding care by both the doctor and the staff.  My root canal was painless and I had no after-effects.

Jane B.

I recently underwent a root canal procedure under the expert care of Dr. Kasper.  The entire procedure was done under a microscope which I firmly believe is the best way to have a root canal done. I have a difficult time with Novocaine but Dr. Kasper and his staff made sure that I was completely numb before starting the procedure.  The office is very modern and very clean.  Dr. Kasper is very approachable and friendly.  He reviewed x-rays, procedures and results on modern computer equipment during my appointments.  The staff is warm and friendly.  I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper for any endodontic procedure.    
Jan Reagan

If there was an App for a professional, competent, courteous, kind, and state-of-the-art endodontics experience it would have to link directly to Dr. Kasper and the entire staff at Modern Endodontics.  None better in the western suburbs.  I would gladly go back but the rest of my teeth are OK.

Jim K

Let's face it - the prospect of getting a "root canal" is not in the top 1,000 of anyone's "best of" lists. However, if you do have to get one, as I did recently, then Dr. Kasper is the way to go. From check-in with the friendly and attentive staff, to check-out, the whole process is very professional, caring and ... dare I say, pleasant. I'd recommend this practice to anyone needing an endodontist.

Eric Karaffa

Thanks for the great care from your office.
I was very nervous about getting a root canal
but it was all painless and faster than I thought it would be.
Thanks again.
Becky Marquardt

Root canals are no fun but Modern Endodontics handles the whole experience in a most caring, efficient, professional and expert manner. I truly hope I have no reason to visit them again, yet I would highly recommend their services.

Mary Ann Denker

My wife works for Goers Dental Care, so I know if they referred me to Modern Endodontics, they would be a great endodontic office. However, Dr. Kasper and his staff are excellent at customer care, and they even exceeded my expectations. Dr. Kasper is almost as good as Dr. Goers at administering anesthetic!

T. Henriksen

The professional and courteous staff made my visit as relaxing and stress-free as possible. The doctor's explanation throughtout the procedure was extremely helpful and the amazing technology made my procedure quick and painless.

Dan S.

To Dr Kasper and his staff.

I want to thank everyone for your wonderful service.I was very much put to ease, and that means a lot to me. I also had no discomfort. Great job!!!
Elizabeth Benson

Although a root canal is not my top ten experiences to repeat, I have only positive comments about your office.  I visited a total of 3 times and always was treated with courtesy and respect and consideration for my well-being and my time.  Everyone at your office is pleasant and knowledgeable and helped make a difficult procedure almost pleasant!  I especially appreciated the follow-up calls from Patti - I work for a doctor and recognize outstanding patient follow-up when I see it!
My tooth is fine now and I would recommend you and your office team to anyone!
Jan Trapani

Dear Dr. Kasper,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received recently.  I suffered from an abscessed tooth and you graciously fit me into your schedule as emergency patient and perform the root canal that day.  It was a painless experience and the technology you used was amazing!  You and your staff were professional, kind and courteous.  I told everyone about the great experience I had, and I never thought I would ever define a root canal as a great experience!  I would definitely refer my family and friends to Modern Endodontics.

Thanks again,

Diane Brennwald

My regular dentist referred me to Dr. Kasper because of an infection that appeared several years after a previous root canal procedure.  The source of infection was very difficult to diagnose and could only be repaired by a specialist using the latest microscopic technology if my tooth were to be saved.  Dr. Kasper located and successfully treated the source of infection. He has a very pleasant doctor-patient manner and explained every stage of the treatment process to me so there wouldn't be any surprises. I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper to anyone in need of a root canal requiring specialized treatment.  Additionally, his staff was very accommodating, pleasant, efficient, and knowledgeable regarding the filing of insurance claims.

Wayne Zydron

As horrible as it may be holding your mouth open (full throttle) for over an hour to have professionals digging your mouth to remove the roots from a molar tooth was not nearly as bad as I am sure it could have been without Dr. Kasper and Kimie being as excellent and smooth as they were when I had said root canal done by them!! Dr. Kasper and Kimie were hard to work on my molar that had 5 canals, yes FIVE, and worked non-stop until said procedure was accomplished. It has been many years since I had a root canal - I was very impressed with their excellence, professionalism and courtesy. I would strongly recommend them to anyone, I truly appreciate their hard work and they did a great job! Their receptionist Patti, worked hard at getting me in on a cancellation based method and was also on the ball.

Upon completion, I thanked them all, wished them well and said that I hoped to never see them again! But if I were to need another root canal, I'd be back.

Kamile Kelly

In the very pleasant surroundings of the office one is made to feel comfortable, even though one is not looking forward to the procedure to come.  The modern equipment and the obvious expertise of the doctors gives a patient confidence.  There is a strong sense that they know what they are doing.

Jean Schnelle

I am a lucky person when it comes to teeth problems, so when a routine filling replacement revealed a damaged nerve and produced a lot of discomfort, I was very surprised.  My dentist recommended a root canal and connected me with Dr. Kasper who worked so well along with his great staff to comfort me, get rid of my pain and successfully do my root canal within my limited schedule.  Bravo!  I'm so glad to be able to count on this office for any future work I may need.

Susan Kluth

I do not think my experience could have been any better. I appreciate your expertise, your methods of explaining the issues, the care and effort to make me comfortable during the procedure, and your overall conscientiousness.

Thank you and I would recommend you at the highest level.

Richard Pendwoski

I was referred to Dr. Kasper by my dentist, Dr. Marjorie Miller. ( I had an abcessed root canal.)  Noteworthy are Dr. Kasper's microscopic surgery tools and the instant digital dental films that are made.  Before any actual work is done the problem area is documented, then explained with your actual computer images.  You really understand what needs to be done. The work proceeds, then is documented by films again. The finished process was explained throughout in clear language; for what it looked like before and now the completed images.  

This work is thorough, complete, and with top-notch modern equipment to get the work done.  I never knew you could have two roots inside one tooth, and the digital imaging helped me see exactly why, then how the tooth was repaired. 

I am completely satisfied by the visual proof this tooth is good for the rest of my life. Sorry to write, I will no longer need work done by Dr. Kasper again.  He did his job extremely well and there is no need to come back.
Beth E.

Given that no one would choose to have a root canal, this practice makes the experience as pleasant as possible. Dr. Kasper and his assistant took digital pictures that he was then able to show me on a computer screen as he explained what needed to be done. It was interesting. Other than the novacaine shots, the procedure was painless. When he was done, he took more pictures and showed them to me to show that all the spaces were filled and I was completely done. No follow-up was needed unless I had any problems. They told me that the tooth might be tender for a couple of weeks. It was not a big deal and I never even took any Advil.
Jeanne N.

Thank your for taking good care of me and seeing me in such short notice.  Anyone that walks through your door is in good hands of care.  God bless your hearts.

P.S. Patti and Kim you are angels.

Carla Arce

My experience at Modern Endodontics was like none other. I put off making the call to your office for about two weeks after I was given a referral from my primary dentist. But, from the initial call to the office for an appointment to the actual root canal, it was the best experience I have had.  The ladies at the desk were very nice, informative and very helpful. I had even made a couple calls with questions prior to my visit and everytime they were friendly and helpful. Most importantly, I have not had any pain at all from the root canal. Thank you Dr Kasper and your staff.

Cassandra Washington

My visits with Dr. Kasper and his staff have been nothing but pleasant. The office is low key which is very relaxing and appreciated since I'm usually there for root canals, as they are stressful enough in itself.  I would highly recommend this office for their professionalism and state of the art equipment.



Dr. Kasper and Associates were able to turn the pain and misery of a root canal into a great experience! They also offered a variety of payment plans! Its a great practice and though I hope to never be back, I will recommend him to everyone in need!

Anne F.

Dr. Kasper and his team provided me with the best and most comfortable care during my root canal.  Dr. Kasper took the time to explain the procedure to me.  His dental assistant and the office staff were kind and caring people.  I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper to anyone needing this treatment.
Diane Rezabek

The whole experience was one of the best I had with a dentist.  The staff and dentist were great.
The root canal went smoothly, none or very little pain.

Ken Long

Dr. Kasper is absolutely fabulous!  Calm, reassuring & phenomenally talented.
I've had my share of root canals over the years, and it's not tops on my list of elective enjoyment!  But my recent experiences with the entire staff at Modern Endodontics have been incrediibly pleasant. I have already told everyone I know,….if you need an endodontist, this is the place!  Thanks to all of you for making the patient feel that they come first! 
Sandy Borcherding

I want to thank everyone at Modern Endo - the experience I had was perfect in every way!  I called Friday morning to make an appointment and was in the chair 3 hours later!  The technology used amazed me, and it was really cool to see my xrays pop up on the computer immediately.  Dr. Kasper, his assistant, and the ladies at reception were very professional, caring, and overall extremely pleasant.  I really liked that Dr. Kasper sat and explained everything he was going to do, used colorful images to describe what was wrong with my tooth, and had a gentle manner, which made me relax.  The office is lovely, clean, and high-tec; this is the only place I'll ever go for a root canal, or other extreme dental procedure again.  Thanks to all of you I'm feeling much better! 

Linda A. Petrasek

The experience was quick and painless - much more so than I ever expected. True professionals that care about you first.

Richard A. Gulliver

I received emergency treatment on a tooth that I was scheduled to have treated a couple of weeks later. The pain became unbearable and you saw me on an emergency basis late in your busy work day. Your office is very clean and neat and your equipment is state of the art. Your staff was very courteous from your front office personnel to your assistant, I felt very comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I was pleased that the procedure was pain free and that in the days following, the pain was non-existent. Because of such a professional experience I would recommend you to anyone that needs treatment. Thank you!

Charles Lopez

To say that I dreaded the appointment is an understatement. Knowing that my "curvy" root would present difficulties and require a specialist only heightened my anxieties about having a root canal. I was quite certain that nothing short of magic would ease my fears. Despite my fixation on the horrible unknown, my incredible trepidation was alleviated--not by magic but by an amazing staff and an expertly gifted endodonist. From the time I entered Dr. Kasper's office and met Kim, through the evaluation with Camille, the tedious procedure, the hugs graciously accepted as I left, to the follow up calls I received the next day, I have never been so impressed, comforted and grateful. No doubt there are many who offer good endodontic services; however, I feel obligated to tell as many people as I can not to settle for good when they can experience a "total package" of state-of-the-art computerized equipment, utilized by a masterful endodontist who wisely surrounds himself with a proficient and truly caring staff. In the end, I cried--not because I was in pain or terrified, but because I was no longer in pain or terrified. Thank you so much for giving the best of yourselves to your patients.

Tina Valentino

Dr Kasper and staff are the best!  They have state-of-the-art equipment and a warm and friendly staff. They take the time to explain the procedure before, during, and afterward.  I felt comfortable and confident during the whole experience. They go the extra mile to ensure that their patients are well taken care of and it shows from the minute you walk into their office! I have had two other root canals by two other endodontists, and will never go to anyone but Dr Kasper should I ever need this type of service again.
Dr Kasper, thank you for your professionalism, kindness, and attention to the care of my teeth.

Theresa Tardi

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you were able to fit me in and help me with a very painful situation.  The staff was extremely compassionate and professional from start to finish.  I cannot thank Dr. Kasper enough for all he did to make the experience as quick and painless as possible.  THANK YOU.

Debra Gazis

This was my second root canal with Dr. Kasper in two years.  He and his staff are excellent at what they do, very efficient and caring.  I tell all my friends about them.

Marilyn Galik

Coming from a long line of false teeth I am no stranger to root canals.  As a senior some of my original root canals sometimes need to be redone.  The tooth that needed attention is the anchor for a four tooth bridge.  Replacing such a bridge is a very expensive proposition if damaged.  This job required "The Best".  My dentist and personal friend, a perfectionist with absolutely no tolerance for anything but  perfection, referred me to your organization because he is also one of your patients.  He couldn't say enough about how skillful, well equipped and friendly you and your staff were with him.

Not only did you save my bridge, my dentist's praise was absolutely true!  Everything you state in your mission statement is obvious in your practice.  Personable, friendly and helpful attributes are present in you and your entire staff.  You set the standard!  You're the best! 

Art Gordon

True to his mission, Dr. Kasper provides the finest endodontic treatment available! Thanks for the expert, comprehensive and quality care of you and your staff.

Sister Diane

I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for the professional accomplishment of my challenging root canal by Dr. Edward Kasper during my two appointments of December 11 and December 28, 2009.  I was greatly impressed by Dr. Kasper's excellence, as well as his step-by-step explanation of the procedures.

Mary Dangles

Dr. Kasper performed a difficult procedure with speed and precision. He carefully explained my options and answered all my questions. His staff is courteous and helpful.

Mary Devereux

Hi Dr. Kasper and staff,
Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received at your office.  I was so nervous to get the root canal I needed, but you and your office helped me to feel calm and confident about the procedure.  You were right too.  There was nothing to worry about.  It was a piece of cake.  There was no pain or discomfort at all.  It is so nice to have my tooth well again.  From the moment I entered your office until I left, I felt well taken care of.  You are all the absolute best!

Thank you

Lisa Roche

I recently completed treatment for a root canal.  It was scheduled and completed in a very timely fashion.  Dr. Kasper was very good at explaining the whole procedure.  I was very impressed by how efficient the entire process was.  I've had previous root canals and this was by far the most efficent treatment I've had to date. 
I think this practice surely is Modern!
The staff is geniunely friendly and helpful.  All in all Modern Endodontics made one of life's dreaded procedures a breeze.

Thanks for taking care of me.

Carol Wroble

My experience was marvelous considering I was having a root canal performed. Dr. Kasper and his staff are friendly, caring and very professional. Thanks so much for the experience.

Cindy Kellogg

I needed two root canals done. I was a little apprehensive at first when I made my appointment. I got to the office and everyone was so nice and pleasant.

Dr. Kasper did a beautiful job, even answering all my questions. he put me at ease immediately. I had very little discomfort.

I would recommend your dental practice to everyone. A special thanks to Patti, Diana, Camille, Katrina and Kim who helped me and followed up to make sure I was ok.

I can't say enough about everyone in the office. Thanks again.

Barbara L.

Dr. Kasper and his staff performed in a very professional and empathetic manner.  Every question, concern, and need was efficiently addressed and expedited.  Would emphatically recommend him.

Thomas Talaga

Thank you for making the root canal you did for me a painless experience.  I suffered no discomfort during the procedure, and fortunately, none afterwards.  Please extend my appreciation to your assistant who was solicitous of my comfort also.

Bonnie Conroyd

I was introduced to Dr. Kasper and his staff after an experience with my general dentist.  I had a cavity filled with them and had undergone 3 root canals (on the same tooth with ongoing pain) before I was referred to Modern Endodontics. 
By the time I got to them, I was frustrated, in pain, and so sick of people working on my tooth.  From the minute I made the phone call for the appointment, I wondered why I hadn't called 3 root canals earlier!  
The staff was (and continues to be) amazing.  I was given an appointment very quickly.  I had never had any tooth problems before and, to put it mildly, I was scared and in pain.  I met Dr. Kasper and he immediately put me at ease.  I burst in to tears when he asked me where it hurt so he numbed me up without any more questions.  I then found out that I had a unique tooth and had multiple canals.  There is no way anyone else would have found that.
With the high technology and caring manner that Dr. Kasper practices in his everyday ways, any patient is put at ease. I received a phone call the day after my procedure and have since had my annual follow up.  I haven't had any problems and continue to go back for any root canal issues.  The whole staff is amazing and caring.  From answering questions about insurance and payment, to getting me an appointment in a timely fashion, I can't say enough about this office.
Sheila Sanders

From the moment I stepped into Dr. Kasper's office, I received wonderful treatment. The staff greeted me warmly, ensured that I was comfortable, and even called me the next day to check on my status. Dr. Kasper is very skillful. He made the experience totally pain-free. Thanks to Dr. Kasper, I no longer fear root canals!


Jennifer Krichbaum

I just want to Thank You for the wonderful service I received.  It is not pleasant having a root canal but you did make me feel comfortable.  Dr. Kasper was gentle and did explain the procedure he was performing.  The staff was great; very accommodating with schedules, followed up with me the next day, and most important always had a smile.  Thanks for a satisfying experience.

Pam Stefani

The whole process of having a root canal has always been so negative.  This is the second one I have had at your office and I couldn't be happier with the results.  Dr. Kasper and his entire staff are wonderful.  Everyone at the office makes you feel completely comfortable from the minute you walk in the door to the minute you walk out.  The facility is warm and inviting and all of the equipment is modern and up to date, another reason why being a patient of Dr. Kasper's is such a positive experience.  I hope I don't have to have another root canal, but if I do, I know I am in good hands with Dr. Kasper.

Tina Horazy

Just a note of thanks. What a surprise the root canal was a cake walk. As you know, it was my snoring that actually woke me up a couple of times... how embarrassing! The latest technology used was impressive, and the staff from the front desk to each assistant was terrific. Dr. Kasper, I didn't even need any follow up Advil. You do great work, I really appreciate it. I could almost say I am looking forward to another one.... if I do have another one, you can be sure, you're my guy. Thank you!

Nancy Allen

My experience with Dr. Kasper and his staff was far beyond average expectations. Both the doctor and staff were considerate and concerned, and took the time to make sure I fully understood the procedures they were going to do. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services. They have a new modern office with the latest equipment and the utmost skill. A+++++!

Dianna Gugliuzza

Dear Dr. Kasper,  

Thank you so much for the professional manner in which your office responded to my emergency. You made every effort to minimize a painful situation. I was very impressed with the latest equipment that your office offered to diagnose and treat my situation. I felt that I was in good hands.

Don S.

Dear Dr Kasper and Staff

You made what could have been a difficult experience easy.  Thank you for your outstanding service and care.  You put me at ease and made me feel like a "VIP"  I would readily recommend you to family and friends.

Sharon D.

Ed: I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service and treatment I received. Your ''chair side manner'' was very reassuring and I appreciated keeping me advised of ''what''s happening'' during my treatment as well as your follow-up process. Your staff were very courteous and well informed. Its always a pleasure to experience a ''well oiled'' business even under the most undesirable circumstances! Rest assured, I would refer your practice whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Pete Viramontes

Dr Kasper has great communication skills. During the whole procedure he
was one step ahead of what was going to happen in terms of explaining
to me what was going to be happening and what type of sensation I was
going to feel. He explained in detail everything that he did to my
tooth and its implications after the entire procedure as well as the
next steps I needed to take. I would definitely have no hestitation
returning to Dr. Kasper, should I ever have to have more such work done.

R. Lara

Dr. Kasper,


Please accept my thanks for a job well done. For the benefit of others a
quick narrative...

My 10 year old root canal (performed by others) had become infected, though
I didn''t know this at the time. A week of discomfort, two days of intense
pain (one day of missed work) resulted in an emergency visit to my favorite
dentist in Oakbrook where he quickly determined that I needed to see you at
Modern Endodontics. We scheduled a same day procedure and I filled out all the information online (from home) in the hour before my appointment.

The office was easy to find in Western Springs. No parking issue. A very
comfortable environment (no bright lights). You and your staff are very
pleasant and helpful. I''ll especially note the state-of-the-art equipment
and clear explanations. BTW, a terrific selection of music (as well as
great acoustics) that caused me to drift into memories long forgotten. My
apologies to your staff who may have thought I was not paying attention
while staring out the window. Yes, I did download some songs as soon as I
got home.

Excellent and thorough procedure. All pain, discomfort and infection
completely gone by the second visit. My dentist was pleased with your work
and sealed the existing ceramic crown. A final note, while Modern
Endodontic is outside of my PPO network, your staff handled everything
expeditiously to minimize my out-of-pocket expense. We did receive our
insurance payment in short order. Please count me as a happy patient.

Best regards


John S.


I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the work on my root canals. This was not a simple or easy procedure, but Dr Kasper and the staff made the whole process go quickly and without any complications. I appreciate the care with which my condition was handled, and the kindness that everyone showed to me. The whole office was genuinely concerned about my well being and made sure that everything made my treatment go as well as possible.


Jim Weiss

Dr. Kasper and Staff :

Just wanted to pass along a major thank-you to everyone there. The level of professionalism of yourself and your incredible staff did not go unnoticed at all. There was not a moment that I was in your office that I did not feel comfortable and at ease. Punctuality is consideration for other peoples time and that definition obviously is not taken lightly,as my appointments were always kept with an almost uncanny track record , quite remarkable for any Doctors'' office . My root canal seemed to be anything but routine and yet it was done with such perfection , which I can hardly believe. I had a lot of bone loss due to the infection and yet not one time in my three visits did I ever feel any discomfort whatsoever after the procedure. Hopefully the bone will re-generate itself in time and the tooth will become as healthy as possible. I can only attribute that painless post procedure to your expertise and skill as a dental surgeon.

Staff , absolutely incredible, I feel that everyone in the office actually wants to be there and it shows in your work. Not only was every detail attended to with the utmost professionalism and care, I was even asked if while I was waiting if there was a certain magazine you could get for me while I was awaiting the procedure. As I am quite a talker most people get put off by that idiosyncrasy of mine, yet all of you seemed to handle that as though it also was part of your normal day. Thank-you for making me feel at ease and for being such a valuable asset to Dr. Kasper. Your caring and attention to details made the visit very comfortable.

Vic Favia

My experience with Dr. Kasper and his staff was friendly, efficient and professional. They put you at ease and explain what they are doing at each step. I appreciate the efforts his staff puts forth in scheduling your appointment as well as the follow-up calls to check on you after your treatment. I have referred several friends and family members to Dr. Kasper.

John Conroyd

What was a scary procedure was made comfortable and I was treated so kindly. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.

Rita Bourjaily

A root canal may not be everyone''''s choice of recreation for a sunny Friday morning however, if it''''s necessary, then I can''''t think of a better place. Courteous, caring and professional, for the root canal novice I felt I was receiving the best care on all levels - Dr. Kasper, the entire staff, the technology and the offices. Wish I could say ''''I can''''t wait to do it again'''' however, if necessity dictates, we will meet again! Thank you.

Graham Bromley

I just wanted to say,I was very impressed with the care I received in your office and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the staff women make it even better. Hope I don’t get in trouble.

Jim Byrne

Dear Dr. Kaspar,
It was my pleasure to have you care for my tooth problem You are truly a professional and you have a way of allowing your patients to become less apprehensive. Let''s be honest, its no fun to sit in that chair. My own dentist chose you to be my endodontist because you are the best one around here and I truly believe that.. If I need your services again, I"ll be back. Good luck in your future.

Trudy Schmitt

 Dear Dr. Kasper and Staff,

I must say that Dr. Kasper is the luckiest endodontist in the Chicago land area because he is blessed with a wonderful staff. They are very professional, caring and knowledgeable. I felt that I was is very good hands and that I received the best of care. Dr. Kasper and his assistant Camile preformed my root canal while I relaxed and almost fell asleep. They are a great team.

I want to thank Dr. Kasper and his entire staff for the wonderful care that I received. I would not hesitate to refer my friends and family.

Julie R.

 Dr. Kaspar and staff,
I appreciate the ambiance of your office. I never felt uncomfortable because everyone was friendly and concerned about my well-being. Dr. Kaspar explained the procedure clearly each time, using his machine to illustrate what he would do/did. I definitely felt I was in good hands and will recommend him to my friends who might need an endodontist.

Rod B.

Thanks for seeing me through my first (and hopefully last - although I'm worried about a few other teeth) root canal. I've heard the doom associated with this procedure, so I didn't look forward to it. It went very smoothly, with only one bad twinge of pain. I was impressed with Dr. Kasper's knowledge and professionalism, and his modern office equipment. I really hope this is my last root canal, but if it isn't I'll be back with Dr. Kasper! Thanks! Sue S.

Sue S

I'll bet you don't often get a "two-for"!!

My wife and I both had root canal surgery in the last six months.  Our experiences were identical.

We found the office very efficient.

  • the appointments on time
  • the doctor both efficient and skillful
  •  the procedure painless with minimal discomfort later
  •  the explanation of what needed to be done and what was done (following the procedure) was clear and concise
  •  the whole atmosphere was cheerful, friendly and helpful.

In summary, if you could ever say a "visit to the dentist" was fun, this is as close as you'll ever get.

My compliments to the doctor and the entire staff!!

Marty & Patt Wehner

Dr. Kasper and his staff are just really nice people. They are all very pleasant to work with and quite comforting.

Dr. Kasper is great at what he does with a very relaxed sense about him. I can't imagine my procedure going better, and it was virtually painless. I will recommend him to anyone in need of his type of care.

Willy Steele

 If there is such a thing as having a pleasant experience while visiting an endodontist - mine was.

Dr. Kasper and his entire staff are very professional, very efficient, and extremely friendly........
what more could you ask for!

Connie A.

My need for a root canal, was in large part, due to my fear of going to the dentist. Over the past few months, I noticed an area of discomfott that was growing more and more unbearable. My regular dentist refered me out to Dr. Kasper for a root canal; I went cold with fear and it took me weeks to make the call. If I had only known weeks ago what I know now! My root canal was painless! Dr. Kasper and his wonderful staff were such a kind, warm, and fun group while being professional and efficient. In a time where many in the medical profession leave me feeling like a customer, with Dr. Kasper, I truly felt like a patient. I will never go anywhere else for major dental work. Thank you Modern Endo!

Julie Pekny


Just wanted to say thank you for your great service. Yes, it seems odd to send a thank you note for a root canal, but seriously you guys were fantastic. I felt no pain at all and that was very much appreciated. The state-of-the-art equipment is fantastic and really helped Dr. Kasper explain exactly what he was going to do. I would recommend you.

Michelle Jimenez

 My experience with Dr. Kasper and staff could not have been better. I was impressed with their use of technology and their clear explanation of what would be done and instanteous x-rays showing what had been done after the procedures. They kept me informed of what would take place and kept me updated during the process as well as pain free. I have had previous root canals with other Dentists and this one was by far the most comfortable.

Jeff Bope

 I was very happy with the prompt and efficient treatment I received at Dr Kasper's office.They scheduled a root canal on the same day that my dentist told me I needed one, and the entire procedure took less than ninety minutes. Dr Kasper spent a good deal of time discussing the procedure and illustrating with pictures and x-rays exactly what he was going to do. The staff was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this practice.

Jeffrey Miller

If you need a root canal, I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper at Modern Endodontics. I had an infected tooth with both pain and swelling. The problem was exacerbated by the tooth already being capped. Dr. Kasper, using the most modern equipment was able to treat it immediately. While it was necessary for a second visit, after the initial visit I did not have any pain and was back to work the next day. Not only was I very pleased but my dentist commented on the “wonderful” job Dr. Kasper did on preparing the tooth for a filling. Very professional office and staff.


Robert Swedberg

Dr.Kasper completed my root canal today. His precision and expertise in making me comfortable;explaining the procedure as needed; and for his attention to detail are all to be commended. The staff is courteous and willing to assist when needed. Thank you!!

Mary Youngman

 My name is Debbie Dvorak, and I just finished my 2nd visit yesterday for my root canal with Dr. Kasper. I was totally impressed by the wonderful office staff and how cheerful they all were and how they made you feel important. The girls at the front desk and the back office were all exceptional!! Dr. Kasper was awesome. I was really nervous when I first went there, but he explained everything to me and put me at ease from the very start. The procedure was painless and he did a wonderful job. I was done in 2 visits!! As I sat there waiting for the novocain to take effect, I couldn't help notice how everything was so sterile and covered in plastic, and how clean the office was, which is also very important. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone needing any type of dental work to seek out the office of Dr. Edward Kasper, you will not be disappointed!!! They are the best :)

Debbie Dvorak

 Dr. Kasper's was straight forward with what was going to happen and the possibility of what could happen. He first started out by telling me what the cost was going to be, then explained that the tooth could crack and if that occurred the tooth would have to be removed and what the cost would be for that. He then explained by putting a display on the monitor, showing what has happened and what has to be done. He put a cover in the mouth to hold any debris that was going to fall in the mouth. He used medication to numb the area. Performed the operation and then put medication on the area concerned. After he was finished he showed you what he did with x-rays that he had taken afterward. His staff gave instructions on what to do because of the operation and schedueled a follow up appointment. I did not have any pain from the surgery and I am going to put him on angies list!

Steve S

I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Kasper's office. I went in to have Dr. Kasper take a look at my tooth and he had me in the very next day to get a root canal. It was completely painless and I couldn’t be happier with the work he did. I am glad that I was referred to his office and if I need any other treatment I will definitely be visiting him again. The staff was great as well, very professional and easy to talk to. I enjoyed my experience. Thank you.

Jenna Rehak

Thanks to the skill and professionalism of Dr. Kasper and his well trained staff, I was able to keep my tooth as opposed to extracting it and placing an implant. He made a procedure that was difficult for him a very easy one for me. Thank you.


My experience with my two visits to Dr Kasper's office was excellent. His staff were very efficient, friendly and competent. Information on the website provided a good overview of the procedure and other general information. I was able to get an appointment the next day after being referred. The online registration eliminated waiting time and I was soon in one of the very modern high tech and clean dental offices. The dental hygienist began immediately taking care of pre-doctor tasks, x-rays etc. and reconfirming important patient information. I was impressed with Dr Kasper's dexterity & being a "painless" endodontist. Using an operating microscope made me feel comfortable on the accuracy of the procedure. The results of the root canal procedure Dr Kasper performed on me were excellent. I highly recommend him. I found it comforting that Dr. Kasper explained what was happening at each step of the procedure. He showed me detailed x-rays and explained thoroughly what had occurred and what yet needed to be done. The entire experience was most positive. I felt I was being cared for by professionals who were competent and had my best interests in mind. Staff followup post-procedure visits was also reassuring to know someone was available if needed. I recommend Dr. Kasper and his staff.

Claudia Trapp

Thank you Dr. Kasper and Staff! My experience at your office was fantastic. I actually feel very silly that I procrastinated having my root canal procedure. I found you and your staff to be very friendly and professional. I was impressed by your beautiful office, the technology that was used and especially how everything was explained to me from beginning to end. Both appointments were painless and I felt confident that I was in good hands! Thank you for making my tooth feel normal again, I will definitely be back to see you should I need another root canal treatment!

Lorraine Monteleone

 I was well satisfied with the root canal work performed for me by Dr. Kasper.  My appointments were on schedule, and the work was efficient and painless.  The results of the procedure were favorable.  I highly recommend Dr. Kasper and his staff.

Edward Chott

I recently finished my root canal with Dr. Kasper and wanted to not only thank him, but also let others know that I would highly recommend him. His staff was wonderful too. Any time I had a quesiton, or needed to come in they were very accommodating.

Julie Wozniak

I completed my root canal yesterday and had an excellent experience throughout both visits. Although I originally dreaded the root canal, it ended up being completely painless and I experienced no discomfort. I appreciated the efficiency and convenience of being able to complete the patient registration forms online prior to the appointment. Throughout both appointments, Dr. Kasper took the time to explain the whole process with visuals via computer, which helped me have a better understanding of what was going to happen. The dental assistant was very kind and definitely made me feel comfortable. After the first visit, I had some questions regarding the procedure – I was very grateful for the attentiveness provided by the entire staff. They were very competent, friendly and were more than willing to provide help throughout the process. I would without hesitation highly recommend Dr. Kasper and his team to patients in need of a root canal. If I ever need a root canal again, I will certainly return to this office as I was very impressed with the whole experience. Thanks to Dr. Kasper and his staff!! =)

Angela Paparo

Greetings Dr. Kasper & Staff!

I just wanted to send a little note to share with you all & your other patients how much I appreciate the way I feel welcomed at your office, how profesionally run I find things to be in my experience, & how smoothly my root canal procedures went thanks to Dr. Kasper's skills & the help of his wonderful & talented assistants!  ;)

It's such a friendly environment and very warm!  Thanks again for making my uncomfortable tooth pain better with treatment that was bearable!  Hugs & Blessings!



Staff very pleasant,everything completely explained. Dr. Kasper's handling of my root canal so smooth and painless I nodded off three or four times, outstanding work!


Wow! Root canal…..who wants to do that? I didn't feel a thing, during the procedure or after. I never even took a Tylenol. Thank you Dr. Bell and staff. You made me smile because it was so easy.

Arlene Rose

I have just completed the second and final stage of a root canal with Dr. Kasper. I can honestly say that if I were to require another similar procedure, I would not hesitate. The care displayed by the entire staff and deftness with which Dr. Kasper performs this procedure, makes it a worry-free experience.

Nic Cipriani

Both visits to Doctor Kasper's office went by very quickly. They were virtually painless and I had absolutely no discomfort after the anesthetic wore off. You may want to bring some ear phones and your favorite tunes.


Don Bizek

My visit to your office was well beyond my expectations.  Dr. Kasper and his staff were very courteous, friendly, and professional.  The entire experience from when I arrived to when I left was very delightful.  I was very impressed with the state of the art equipment and office surroundings.  The Dr. always told me what he was doing during the procedure.  Again, very professional.  The entire staff is very customer-oriented and the best part of it all is that it was pain free.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing this procedure.

Jim Wanderski

I want to thank Dr. Kasper and his staff for their kind care and
professionalisn in taking care of me during my root canals. Dr.
Kasper explained everything he was going to do for my re-do root
canals so that there would be no surprises. The staff was very kind
and treated me like someone they genuinely cared about. The office
space is soothing and the decor lovely and I HAVE recommeded Dr
Kasper to many of my co-workers! Again, I cannot thank Dr Kasper
enough for his care and the pain-free dental experience.
Kind Regards

Kathi Morris

Dr Kasper is the best!

He did a wonderful job on a emergency basis with my need for a root canal. I would recommend him to anyone because of his expertise and ability to put the patient at ease.

Kathy Nicholas

I have just finished my 3rd root canal with Dr. Kasper and his staff and I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experiences. Pain free from start to finish for all three procedures. I would go so far as to say, I actually enjoyed my appointments…….Camille and Bridget made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked into the office and sat down. Dr. Kasper’s expertise and state of the art equipment make this a root canal experience you will talk to your friends about (in a good way). I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper and his staff without question. You will know exactly what I mean the minute you walk into the office.

Jenny Bogart

I was very pleased with the way your staff handled everything.  I experienced hardly any pain.  Thank you again for all your kindness.

Carol Hoffman

Very friendly, and very professional!

Steve W.

Dr. Kasper and the staff were all very friendly which was helpful since I'm never really at ease prior to dental work.  I really appreciated that Dr. Kasper took the time to show me pictures of my tooth and explain what was done after both procedures.  It gave me a better understanding of what had been done.  Thanks all!

Jessica Hofer

My family and I have visited Dr. Kasper's office for multiple reasons.  We have been very impressed with the friendliness, competency, and the sensitivity of the staff as a whole.  I completely recommend Dr. Kasper for anyone needing care with their dental conditions.

Dr. P. Wakim

I read the testimonials of Dr. Kasper's other patients, and it is clear that he is highly skilled and professional. Although he does the same type of work all day, he realizes that it is all new to his patients, most of whom are pretty apprehensive about being there. His assistants and receptionists are also pleasant and helpful. And....a year later he sends a letter to come in and be no cost. He cares about his workand his patients!

Mary G. Kerge

The staff was very kind. Dr. Kasper was extremely professional. Thank you.

Marcella F.

I have now had four root canals done over approximately 15 years.  Numbers 3 and 4 have been performed by Dr. Kasper.  It was interesting to see how the technology has changed between numbers 3 and 2, ten years before.  If I ever need another root canal done, I will be pleased to return to Dr. Kasper.

Charles French

Dr. Kasper and the staff were kind, efficient, and very good at what they do: relieve pain! Thank you.

Nancy Brejcha

Dr. Kasper and his staff are wonderful. I was VERY nervous before my root canal and the whole staff was very caring and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Kasper explained everything before the procedure and answered all of my questions. The next time I need a root canal, I will not be worried at all. It's not as bad as you think, no pain at all! Thank you again Modern Endo!

Brittany D

Thank you to Dr. Kasper and his staff for their excellent care. The team helped get me an immediate appointment and made the experience painless. I would recommend them to anyone.

Justin Finnegan

 Total atmosphere - from music to equipment was great, and relaxing. This was 2nd/final process so I did have more discomfort after session 1, but only the quick reminder not to chew on that side for a few days. Highly recommended, wife was there this Tuesday. Thanks!

Fred Dempster

Dr. Kasper and all his staff are friendly and informative. The equipment is state of the art, and I especially liked how Dr. Kasper explained what he was going to do at the start of the appointment, and during the root canal told me what to expect before he proceeded. Dr. Kasper and his assistant worked extremely well together which made the process less stressful. His front desk staff are also friendly and efficient.

Susie Tahtinen

 The very mention of “ROOT CANAL” connotes the ultimate in pain. Well this was far from the case with Dr. Kasper. I had no delayed pain and was eating and drinking freely an hour after each procedure. The office staff was thorough and courteous: calling me to say they were late due to an emergency and that they would call me when they caught up and as they had earlier openings called to accommodate my request. Dr. Kasper’s final words were “ I hope we don’t have to ever see you again”, but if that is not the case, I would have no fear or hesitation in returning to Modern Endontics.

Monique Rub

The words "root canal" are not the most pleasant in the dictionary; however, I came away pleasantly surprised and pleased with how well my two appointments went. A big thank you to Dr Kasper and his staff for putting me at ease and making the process far less stressful than originally anticipated.

Donna Stritch

I would recommend Dr. Kasper and his staff.  Everyone was especially attentive and concerned.  This is my second time to use Dr. Kasper's services, and I have been pleased both times.  The office is clean and modern.  The staff makes you feel welcome immediately.

Carolyn Svoboda

Dr. Kasper and his staff provided excellent care and handled my issue professionally and thoroughly. They took the time to explain the entire procedure in advance and everything proceeded exactly as they said it would. I did not experience any pain during or after the procedure and I was able to completely ignore all of the horror stories that I had been told about root canals by my co-workers, friends and family members. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper %u2013 he knows what he is doing and he is exceptionally good at it.
Bruce Torgler

 Dr. Kasper and his staff are absolutely the best in professionalism, courtesy and efficiency. Admittedly, I was scared having never had any major dental work previously done; not only were they comforting from the very start (the initial phone call to set up the appointment) they were comforting all the way to my final exit out the door after the second visit (and a follow-up call the next morning)! The whole procedure was virtually painless and somewhat pleasant ~~ let's admit it, it was still a root canal. I highly recommend Dr. Kasper and his staff for all your root canal procedures and have told my family, friends and my dentist the same. Thank you very much for everything!

Annette Slovick

I'd like to thank Dr. Kasper and all his staff for making my multiple root-canal process so easy.  Over 9 months, I had to have the root canal procedure many times. I never felt any pain and I always felt really well cared for.  Dr. Kasper was very patient, answered all my questions, and always explained what he was doing, using his incredible digital picture x-rays to show me what was going on in my mouth.  His office staff and dental assistants treated me kindly and with respect.  Someone always called me at home the next day to see how I was doing.  And the best part is that Dr. Kasper saved my tooth!  I highly recommend him if you need root canal.  Thanks!

Ellen G.

Dr. Kasper and Staff are wonderful! I had lots of anxiety during my first visit but the staff was warm and friendly. The procedure used state of the art technology, I was very impressed. My second appointment was no stress and very easy. I would choose Dr. Kasper and his team for services every single time!

Jaqui Jones

 Dr. Kasper got to the "ROOT" of the problem instantly.  He is a fabulous surgeon with priceless hands.  I would refer him in a heartbeat, now that I don't feel the heartbeat through my tooth.  He is your guy for root canal work.

Mike Krol

The entire staff was very friendly, and the procedure went well.  Dr. Kasper was accessible and responsive to post procedure prescription needs.  

I enjoyed the music selections!

Matt M

I was referred to Dr. Bell because a root canal performed by another dentist had failed. I am extremely anxious when it comes to dental work and Dr. Bell made sure I was comfortable and painfree. He is very friendly, communicative and highly competent. Thanks Dr.Bell!

Kelly G.

I have had quite a few root canals and this was the first one I have had that had no discomfort during or after. If any one has ever said this " It was pleasant experience". But true

Doe Thomas

Dr. Kasper did an excellent job on my root canal 12/15 and 1/16. Quick and little pain.

John Withall

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Western Springs, IL 60558