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518 Hillgrove Ave #150
Western Springs, IL 60558


Thank you for selecting the endodontic office of Dr. Edward L. Kasper and Dr. Logan T. Bell.  We are an endodontic specialty practice dedicated to exceptional care using state-of-the-art technology.


Our Mission is simple: to provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available anywhere, in a pleasant and courteous atmosphere.


Our "make no compromises" philosophy allows us to treat patients to the utmost of our abilities in a way that will lead to a pleasant experience for you.  This is a tall order but we feel that taking time with our patients and being open to their needs is of the utmost importance.

With our new office we have made sure to provide our patients with the most up to date techniques and cutting edge technology so they receive the best quality care in the most comfortable environment.

Practice Profile

Our office is known for its commitment to excellence.  We use the latest technology including the surgical operating microscope which offers increased magnification and illumination for all procedures.  Whether we are evaluating the outside surface of a tooth for a crack, locating miniscule root canals, removing a broken file from a root canal, ensuring the canals are thoroughly cleaned, or filling the root canal systems, the microscope benefits treatment.   Even the smallest detail is brought clearly into view.  We also replaced conventional dental x-rays with digital radiography. This advancement significantly reduces radiation exposure to our patients and eliminates the hazardous byproducts of film developing.

Always on the forefront of technological innovation, we have converted to digital record keeping and use of the Internet for the convenience of our patients and referring doctors.  For example, we encourage you to pre-register at this web site to save you time when you come to our office for your appointment.  It is simple to use.  Please call our office for instructions.


Together, our commitment to you is that you receive the best care that is possible today.

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I like Dr.Kasper. He's a good guy and the staff at his office treats me really good. I came there because of the issues with my left front tooth. I don't want to get into details but it took a full hour to get the job done

Eric Desiongco

Dentists are never a wonderful thing to have to see. However, having to see one, Modern Endodontics was almost a pleasure. The staff was wonderful and the treatment was virtually painless.

Mark Turner

I have to say that I did not enjoy having to have a root canal procedure...who would.  What I will say is it really was pain free.  The numbing shots were more a discomfort than painful, once the shot took effect there was no pain during the session.  I would go to Dr. Kasper again and I would recommend him to anyone.  Both he and his staff did everything to make me comfortable in a setting that most people dread the thought of, and for that I thank you.

Bob Gurke

The warmth and efficiency of the front office staff was my first clue to the excellence of this dental practice. Dr. Bell is extremely competent and the care he takes to explain everything to the patient before he does it is so reassuring. His assistant was a real pro. I recommend this group without reservation.

Meg P.

Dr. Bell and his entire team from front office to the assistants are all very nice and professional. Our 7 year old son needed a root canal and we were so nervous since he has never been numb before. Dr. Bell did a fantastic job with him, he was very calm and actually had a great time getting a root canal. We were so relieved. The procedure went so smooth and without any discomfort. We are so happy with Modern Endodontics and would recommend it to everyone.

Sara Vafa

I was very pleased with Dr. kasper and the whole staff in the office. I was always comfortable and felt no pain. I felt I was in good hands the whole time.I liked the location especially next to the park.

karen mars

Dr Ed got me in on an emergency basis as a new patient. His staff was great and very helpful. Dr Ed explained his diagnosis antd treatment plan and answered all my questions. He was very thorough and the result of his work was great. I would highly recommend him

Dan Campbell

I was very pleased with the employees at the office.  Everyone was not only polite, but also very friendly. Dr. Kasper's assistant stayed with me until he was able to come, making interesting conversation.

Dr Kasper explained everything he was going to do as he continued with the procedure.  He put a brace in my mouth so I wouldn't have to hold my jaw open. He put in some sort of rubber washer to catch debris.  It was a long and complicated procedure as there was a problem with decay under the crown.  During the entire time the doctor spoke to me.  I was not left on my own after the procedure.  The next day I was contacted by his office.  I was given suggestions for medication and bridge work cleaning that were invaluable.  I appreciated all the attention I received.  
A good experience for a dental problem.
S. Kman

Does anyone ever WANT a root canal? No. But if you need a root canal, there's truly no better place. I've had 2 completed by Dr. Bell and honestly, I will come back to him for any future endodontic work. The staff is super thorough, especially when helping book appointments and working through the cancellation list. They are true wizards with a calendar. The assisting staff is always pleasant, accommodating, and they really move like a well-oiled machine alongside Dr. Bell. I can't thank Dr. Bell enough for his absolutely outstanding work, the ease he brings to the chair is something that's calming especially for someone with chronic dental anxiety. He is encouraging, thorough, precise, and just brilliant. He's also a kind, hospitable, and all-around lovely family man. It's nice to connect and exchange stories about the kids. I feel like family here and it's such a pleasure. Thank you to the whole team!


I had my very first root canal today, 8/7/21,and it was a great experience!!!! I actually almost fell asleep. My anxiety and nervousness beforehand was wasted energy!!!! Dr. Bell was extraordinary in explaining each step along the way. His assistant was extremely professional as well. I’m having another one done in a couple of months and I’m not concerned at all. I will be thanking my dentist for this referral. Thank you so much Dr. Bell for easing my fear and being an utmost professional. Your office staff is awesome as well!!!

518 Hillgrove Ave #150
Western Springs, IL 60558