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518 Hillgrove Ave #150
Western Springs, IL 60558


Thank you for selecting the endodontic office of Dr. Edward L. Kasper and Dr. Logan T. Bell.  We are an endodontic specialty practice dedicated to exceptional care using state-of-the-art technology.


Our Mission is simple: to provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available anywhere, in a pleasant and courteous atmosphere.


Our "make no compromises" philosophy allows us to treat patients to the utmost of our abilities in a way that will lead to a pleasant experience for you.  This is a tall order but we feel that taking time with our patients and being open to their needs is of the utmost importance.

With our new office we have made sure to provide our patients with the most up to date techniques and cutting edge technology so they receive the best quality care in the most comfortable environment.

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Our office is known for its commitment to excellence.  We use the latest technology including the surgical operating microscope which offers increased magnification and illumination for all procedures.  Whether we are evaluating the outside surface of a tooth for a crack, locating miniscule root canals, removing a broken file from a root canal, ensuring the canals are thoroughly cleaned, or filling the root canal systems, the microscope benefits treatment.   Even the smallest detail is brought clearly into view.  We also replaced conventional dental x-rays with digital radiography. This advancement significantly reduces radiation exposure to our patients and eliminates the hazardous byproducts of film developing.

Always on the forefront of technological innovation, we have converted to digital record keeping and use of the Internet for the convenience of our patients and referring doctors.  For example, we encourage you to pre-register at this web site to save you time when you come to our office for your appointment.  It is simple to use.  Please call our office for instructions.


Together, our commitment to you is that you receive the best care that is possible today.

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"...I'd rather have a root canal." This statement is often the butt end of a joke related to an uncomfortable task. Truth is I WOULD RATHER HAVE A ROOT CANAL so long as it is performed by this group. I had the pleasure of receiving my care from Dr. Bell who was engaging, informative and had a sense of humor. At no time did I feel any discomfort and actually fell asleep for a few minutes during the procedure. Additionally, the staff were pleasant and engaging as well...a sign they probably enjoy working there. That in itself speaks volumes. If I ever need another root canal , there is no other place I would go. My experience with this group and Dr. Bell has been the best dental experience I have ever had!

Jim Gilbert

This office is professional! The folks I met were outstanding. Went out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Dr Kasper explained what he was going to do and what he could not do if he ran into problems like a broken tooth. At the end of the procedure he answered questions and explained what he had done along with sharing the exrays. They were so good it almost makes you want to go back and have another root canal but not quite!!!!!

Alex McClement

Not having had a root canal procedure in over 20 years, I was not looking forward to having another. However, many things have changed as Dr. Bell demonstrated. I was quite amazed at the improvements of all aspects of the operation. A soothing staff to assuage jumpy nerves, 3D Xrays, consultation, anesthesia, more of a tooth saving drilling approach and much less time in the chair. I'm not saying it was a picnic but if you need this work done, you should definitely consider Dr. Bell and his team. 5 stars!

Ed Geberbauer

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Bell yesterday. I needed a root canal and he thoroughly explained everything beforehand. During the procedure, I was comfortable and he continued to tell me what was happening. His entire staff was warm, friendly and efficient. I would definitely return if I needed to.

Lori V

Dr. Kasper, and his staff, were excellent. I felt as comfortable as one can possibly feel when getting a root canal. Dr. Kasper inspired confidence, competence, and compassion. I did not have pain during the procedure or after the procedure. Yes, uncomfortable during the procedure-to be expected. Two Tylenols-6 hours apart, and the next day it was as if I never had a root canal. Thanks to Dr. Kasper and his friendly staff.

Connie Borchert

Dr. Bell did an excellent job explaining the procedure and made sure I was comfortable prior to beginning. During the procedure he updated me on what was going on. Great Job Dr. Bell!! Thank you for taking excellent care of me.

Neil J.

Dr. Kasper and the entire staff were wonderful. Given that "a trip to the dentist" is not the best way to spend an afternoon, I am pleased to elaborate on my experience at Modern Endodontics. From the moment I walked in for my first appointment, the staff displayed a warming and welcoming attitude. I felt that I was in the right place at that very moment. I could only say that my experience at the Endodontist was nothing but reliving, easeful and pleasant. There is nothing to be worried about when stepping foot into "Modern Endodontics". In fact, I had almost taken a snooze mid-operation. A procedure at Modern Endodontics is the least bit stressful and I would recommend Dr. Kasper and the entire staff to anyone in need of a stress and pain free Endodontic Treatment.

Adel Sarmiti

Although I hope to never return, I could not have asked for a better experience and result. The staff is simply great, from reception to the assistants - such very nice people. Dr Kasper is skillful, compassionate, and kind. If you must see an endo, this is the place to go. Highly recommend.

Anne H

I am pleased to relate a completely positive experience with Dr. Bell and his staff. I was referred to Modern Endodontics by my family dentist for an emergency root canal and was immediately accommodated. The procedure was exceptional and Dr. Bell and his staff were highly competent and friendly. Dr. Bell answered all of my questions and was at all times concerned about my comfort through the process. I highly recommend Modern Endodontics for all your advanced dental needs.

David Shavalia

I had a completely painless root canal done by Dr Bell. The entire office staff as well as all of the assistants were friendly, empathetic, and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. Highly recommend this practice!

Paula M
518 Hillgrove Ave #150
Western Springs, IL 60558