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518 Hillgrove Ave #150
Western Springs, IL 60558


Thank you for selecting the endodontic office of Dr. Edward L. Kasper and Dr. Logan T. Bell.  We are an endodontic specialty practice dedicated to exceptional care using state-of-the-art technology.


Our Mission is simple: to provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available anywhere, in a pleasant and courteous atmosphere.


Our "make no compromises" philosophy allows us to treat patients to the utmost of our abilities in a way that will lead to a pleasant experience for you.  This is a tall order but we feel that taking time with our patients and being open to their needs is of the utmost importance.

With our new office we have made sure to provide our patients with the most up to date techniques and cutting edge technology so they receive the best quality care in the most comfortable environment.

Practice Profile

Our office is known for its commitment to excellence.  We use the latest technology including the surgical operating microscope which offers increased magnification and illumination for all procedures.  Whether we are evaluating the outside surface of a tooth for a crack, locating miniscule root canals, removing a broken file from a root canal, ensuring the canals are thoroughly cleaned, or filling the root canal systems, the microscope benefits treatment.   Even the smallest detail is brought clearly into view.  We also replaced conventional dental x-rays with digital radiography. This advancement significantly reduces radiation exposure to our patients and eliminates the hazardous byproducts of film developing.

Always on the forefront of technological innovation, we have converted to digital record keeping and use of the Internet for the convenience of our patients and referring doctors.  For example, we encourage you to pre-register at this web site to save you time when you come to our office for your appointment.  It is simple to use.  Please call our office for instructions.


Together, our commitment to you is that you receive the best care that is possible today.

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Dr. Bell and his team are absolutely wonderful! The atmosphere is very fun and welcoming. Dr. Bell makes sure nothing is felt and goes above and beyond for the comfort of his patients. From walking through the door a smile can't help but appear on everyone's face. Modern Endodontics is definitely the place to go!

Kristina L.

Dr. Kasper and his wonderful team were outstanding in performing the dental work I needed. It was a good and painless experience for me and I am grateful to the staff for their kindness. Thank you. Gladys Adams

Gladys Adams

Nice touch and great job! Thanks much! Hope your kids continue to do their BIRDING!!

Dan V

Dental work is not the most appealing process for many!  However, if you are suffering in pain or initiating preventive care, Modern Endodontics is the place to go!  From the moment you walk in to the office to the moment your appointment is over, you are well taken care of by all of Dr. Kasper and Dr. Bell’s staff!  

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Bell and his team!  Dr. Bell is absolutely amazing!  His demeanor, his professionalism, and his bed side manner exceeded all expectations!!  I had numerous appointments to rectify an issue and through all appointments, Dr. Bell was not only extremely knowledgeable but explained in great detail what was happening and what the appointment entailed.  He takes the time to explain using up-to-date technology where you can see the problem, and through his explanation, how it will be fixed!  It is hard to find a reputable endodontic specialist who you can trust but I can confidently say that Modern Endodontics provides a trusting environment where you are well taken care of in all aspects of the process!  Thank you to Dr. Bell and his team!

Jaime G.

I was very impressed by the professionalism, the precise teamwork, the technology and best of all, the minimizing of pain and discomfort.

Rick Derer

My thanks to Dr. Kasper and staff for making my visit as pleasant as possible. Excellent work, painless and efficiently done. Dr Kasper was very friendly and outgoing.

Bill Carlson

Let me add my comments to the long list of exceptional testimonials to the expertise, professionalism and kindness of the doctors and staff of Modern Endodontics of Western Springs, IL. As a medical educator myself, I was very impressed with the way Dr. Logan Bell answered all my technical questions with patience if not enthusiasm. I could not help but tell him in all honesty that he was an excellent teacher. I, too, experienced no pain with my root canal, was intrigued with all the modern technology and image captures, and left kind of sad my visits were over. After all was done I was emailed not only the report of the work done on me, but also digital images of my tooth as per my request. If, and when, I have the need for another root canal, I now know exactly where to go! I thank all members of this team.

Charles Webber

I have to say this was the best dental experience that I ever had. Absolutely no misery. Dr. Bell is a wizard. I have told everybody I can think of to come here if they need a root canal. The staff are all very pleasant and there is an atmosphere of relaxed professionalism. Highly recommended .

Polly Wilkinson

Having worked in the medical field for 35 years, I have had the great, good fortune to work with cardiologists who were truly dedicated to their profession. Unfortunately, the number is substantially smaller than the total number of physicians that I have worked with. Finding my way, with the help of my daughter, to this practice was an example of a 'good fortune'. Dr. Kasper expertly treated my misfortunate mistake made by another dentist. Dr. Kasper and his entire staff serve as a shining example of the highest quality dental care that there is. I believe that Dr. Kasper is one of those rare individuals that embody the true spirit of patient care, comfort, along with precision to detail and utmost attention to patient comfort. I could have lived my life, not ever having to experience root canal, but if you have to decide on a practitioner to entrust your dental care to, look no further than this practice. Now, I am indebted to my daughter for her expertise in knowing superb dental care!

Sue Katello

My root canal therapy with Dr. Logan Bell was an amazing experience of absolutely no discomfort, both during and after the treatment. I left the office with unexpected astonishment at the relaxed and professional manner in which the complicated procedure was completed during the course of our collegial conversation. We interacted with each other like old friends which enabled me to relax and to marvel at how fast the time seemed to pass by. The use of the latest technology was explained to me in detail in response to my questions, especially the before and after images on the TV screen of what was happening to my broken off tooth, fortunately with no damage to the nerve that had withdrawn above the break. I was pleased to be among the smaller group of patients who could have the whole process completed in one visit of less than two hours. A temporary crown was placed on my damaged tooth two days later by my regular dentist because of the same-day efficient root canal procedure offered by Dr. Bell. Many thanks for greatly exceeding my expectations and for having a significant part in facilitating the construction of a temporary crown in less than a week.

W. R. Nelson
518 Hillgrove Ave #150
Western Springs, IL 60558